June Celebrations

Birthday 2017

June is a busy month for our family as I am sure it is for many of you. June brings Father's Day and the first day of summer. At my home, June is when we celebrate many birthdays like my mother's and my own. Just four years ago on the first day of Summer I married my dear loving husband Carl.  <3

One of my five beautiful daughters and her sweet family sent me gifts. I am sharing these because she is a talented knitter and crocheter. Erin is always making lovely gifts to share. She made these two dish clothes and a rooster potholder. I think it's a pot holder. Giggle. Anyways, I am pleased with her gifts because she made them with love.

Silver Springs, Florida copyright 2017 by jjcoffield - Glass Bottom Boat Tours

My dear husband took us on a combo anniversary, birthday, Father's Day and school break trip to Savannah, GA and Silver Springs, Florida this month to celebrate this festive month.  We visited Fort Jackson and down town Savannah, Georgia. We toured on a glass bottom boat in Silver Springs, Florida. We walked the beach near Fort Clinch in Florida too. It was hot and humid and  a long drive but we enjoyed our time together.

When we got home I was surprised by a lemon almond cake that my daughters baked while I was away.  I appreciate the birthday cards and the thoughtfulness  from my daughter, her mother-in-law Becky and my Dad and step-mom Joyce.<3

Thank you,
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