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Vinegar, Oil & Alcohol ~ Pickled Delicacies
Pickled Delicacies: Vinegar, Oil, and Alcohol
by  Eva Aufreiter, Bernadette Baumgartner, Birgit Hauer,  and Christine Mahringer-Eder
Binding: Hardcover | Size: 6 x 9  | 128  pp
Illustrations:  199 Color Photos 
ISBN: 978-0-7643-4872-3
SRV: $24.99 US

Gardeners with lots of vegetables have the option of canning, freezing,  or pickling their spring and summer bounty. Over four centuries ago, India began pickling in order to expand the lifespan of  the cucumber and countries from Asia, Europe, South American and North America followed suit with other foods. Whether you want to preserve out-of-season foods or begin a journey in pickling,  consider picking up a copy of  Pickled Delicacies: Vinegar, Oil and Alcohol published by Schiffer Publishing, LTD. This gorgeous hardcover resource features over 174 recipes compiled by various experts with nearly 200 full-colored photographs for the pickling lovers.

Inside,  Pickled Delicacies: Vinegar, Oil and Alcohol  you will find more than recipes for cucumbers, cabbage and eggs. Learn the basics of pickling with the essentials in prep work, storage tips and detailed ingredient lists. There's an extensive A to Z vocabulary list. The first three chapters are pickling with alcohol, oil and vinegar followed by salt pickling and sugar pickling. The salt and sugar chapters features a collection of selective recipes. I was especially interested in the steeped vinegar and oils sections.

Pickling enthusiast -- keep an eye out for special bottles and jars!

What are some of your favorite pickled delicacies? I have eaten pickled artichokes, chow-chow, mushrooms, okra and much more. I am excited to test various recipes with my family from Pickled Delicacies: Vinegar, Oil and Alcohol.  Have you tasted pickled cheese, fruits or fish?

If you need a gift idea for a special friend or family member, Pickled Delicacies: Vinegar, Oil and Alcohol might just be the gift! Or, maybe you could whip up something special for them and present it at a buffet, luncheon or dinner?

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