Garden Fresh Pimento - Tasty Pimiento Cheese Spread

 Garden Fresh Pimento

Garden Fresh Pimento(Pimiento) by Janet Coffield 2015

You say Pimiento and I say Pimento because I'm from the southern state of  Georgia. No matter! What's great is these tasty heart-shaped peppers are packed full of nutritional goodness and great for making many yummy recipes. There is Vitamins A, Vitamins C, Vitamins K and Vitamin B-9/Folate.

I checked out many recipes before making my very first Pimento Cheese Spread that used fresh Pimentos from my own garden. My family and I enjoy the smooth creamy textured pepper spread. And, I found there are many other recipes create using fresh Pimento Peppers. Have you tried adding Pimento Peppers to biscuits or cornbread? I have not but I am tempted. We know that these tasty peppers are great in salads too.

I just found a simple recipe in the Chrazy for Breakfast Sandwiches by Jessica Harlan which is published through Ulysses Press. It takes just four ingredients: sharp cheddar cheese, diced pimientos, mayonnaise and a dash of hot sauce.

Pimiento Cheese Spread - Janet Coffield

Here are a couple of interesting recipes for making Pimento Cheese spreads:

If you have a questions about Pimientos, just ask or search online. I did. :)

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