Point-and-Shoot Camera - FujiFilm Digital Camera

Point-and-Shoot Camera
FujiFilm 12.2 Mega Pixel

Summer took a picture of Ollie. 
Our family members have several point-and-shoot cameras like the FujiFilm 12.2 Mega Pixel digital camera with 3X Optical Zoom capabilities. It requires AA Batteries and uses an SD Card. We use rechargeable batteries to save money and an 8 GB SD card to store photo and video images that can be transferred to your computer for sharing or printing. 

fujifilm 12.2 mega pixel
FujiFilm 12.2 Mega Pixel 

We gave the FujiFilm 12.2 Mega Pixel to our nine year old to enjoy. Today, I took it for a test-drive in our backyard to see what I could do with it. I am interested in taking lots of pictures of flowers. I took these images in late afternoon when the sun was very bright. Aren't the flowers lovely? But, I had trouble seeing the images on the LCD(liquid crystal display) due to the sunlight. I even tried wearing a big straw hat to help create shade.

In my opinion, I think it is a great camera for a beginning photographer. I probably need more practice, too. What do you think?

Flower Pictures - FujiFilm 12.2 MegaPixel Camera
Photography by Janet J. Coffield 2015

The FujiFilm 12.2 Mega Pixel digital camera may be found online for under $100. (new & used) There are newer versions in FujiFilm as well. You may find it at Amazon, BestBuy, Ebay and other online retailers.

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