National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography by Honovich & Griffiths

National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography
National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography
Product Details
Age Range: 8 -12
Paperback:  160 pages
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Book
Publication Date: August 04, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-4263-2066-8
Language: English
SRV US $14.99/ CAN $17.99
Printed U.S.A.

National Geographic Children's Book is releasing a brand new guide this summer for kids called National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography: Tips & Tricks on How to Be a Great Photographer From the Pros & Your Pals at My Shot by Nancy Honovich  and Annie Griffiths. Whether your child is only interested in learning how-to make the most awesome SELFIE shots or wants to become a serious photographer, then look no further!

National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography is a fun kid-friendly guide that presents up-to-date information about photography that is brief and to-the-point! Kids begin with learning a little bit of history with the Photography Timeline.  "How to Use This Book!" aids in familiarizing you with the equipment basics by learning what makes a camera work, which equipment to use, and how to care for your camera. National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography shares information on the different types of cameras from film cameras to digital, point-and-shoot cameras to smartphones, underwater, disposables and video cameras.  There are many cool DIY projects such as learning to make a photo cube, a sun-print or a pinhole camera, just to name a few!

National Geographic Kids
Getting Started ANNIE'S TIPS pp. 12-13 

Every chapter shares a special segment called Annie's Assignment contributed by National Geographic's professional woman photographer, Annie Griffiths. Annie helps your child develop better photography skills and habits with simple step-by-step instructions for learning the basics of composition, light and capturing the moment with the perfect shot!  There are over a dozen fun and  intriguing Annie's Assignments to test their knowledge. Your child will learn how to photograph people, animals, landscapes, events and much more.  And, with this new-found knowledge you child can showcase their flare for photography online at MYSHOT!

National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography
National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography 

MYSHOT Community(ngkidsmyshot.com) is a moderated online photo sharing community just for kids! Children can register for free with a parent or guardians permission.  Your youngster can share their photographs, view and rate photographs that have been submitted from other children all over the world. As an added bonus, kids earn badges, participate in challenges and much more. Sign-up today with your special username!

What a great way to bond with your child! Even adults can learn much from this info-packed guide. If your child wants a new hobby or to improve on their own photography skills, National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography by Honovich and Griffiths is a great book to begin their adventure!

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Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a complimentary copy of National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography through Oleg Lyubner Public Relations.

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