Chewy.com presents Wellness Kittles, Tasty, Crunchy Cat Treats

Wellness Kittles, Tasty, Crunchy Cat Treats

Wellness Kittles 2-oz - Chewy.com

Our pal Ollie is ready for anther Chewy.com taste test with Wellness Kittles grain-free chicken & cranberries recipe snacks. There are over 150 crunchy flower, star and heart-shaped crunchy treats that are under 2 calories each. Each crunchy bite helps keep your cats teeth clean. And, these tasty treats are made with real chicken and whole-food ingredients. You will find no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in Wellness Kittles.

Wellness Kittles Chicken & Cranberries Recipe

I love how he perks up to attention with anticipation as he see the treat bag appear.

Wellness Kittles are crunchy and tasty.

Ever day he waits with anticipation for the sound of the shaking of  the Wellness Kittles package. Yes, he does enjoys the taste!

Wellness Kittles are yummy! 

Ollie is one satisfied cat!  He's a fan! 

Do not fret, if your cat does not like chicken you can choose from salmon and cranberries or tuna and cranberries. Have Wellness Kittles on hand, when you travel or anytime you want to show how much you love your favorite four-legged family member!

Wellness Kittles - the snack that's truly a treat! 


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Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a complimentary sample of  Wellness Kittles for cats through Chewy.com.

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