How to Add PIZZAZZ to Your Table

Top 100 step-by-step Napkin Folds  by Denise Vivaldo
Top 100 step-by-step Napkin Folds 
by Denise Vivaldo

Top 100 step-by-step Napkin Folds 
by Denise Vivaldo
ISBN 978-0-7788-0423-9
Price: $29.95 USA/$29.95 CAN
Publisher: Robert Rose, Inc.

How to Add Pizzazz to Your Table

Whether you want to jazz up an informal meal or display amply ambiance through sophisticated elegance then I have a book suggestion for you -- Top 100 Step-By-Step Napkin Folds by Denise Vivaldo. This must-have resource for entertaining features step-by-step instructions for easy, intermediate and advanced napkin folding along with fabric suggestions, when to use napkin rings, and where to place the napkins on the table. An added plus is the concealed wire-o hardcover which allows the book to lay flat when it is opened for ease of page browsing. In conclusion, there is an Entertaining Diary section where you can record the date, the table setting theme, napkin fold(s) used additional notes, menu and guests list.

Top 100 Step-By-Step Napkin Folds by Denise Vivaldo
#7 The Bow, pages 32-33.

My first attempt at napkin folding was with #7 Bow from the easy napkin folds section. I chose this red and pink floral bandana with a woven-knot tie. The Bow is is a feminine fold for use at baby or bridal showers, ladies brunch, ladies lunches or tea party. My daughter and I dabbled with a few other folds like the Heart and found it similar to folding paper origami. I think folded cloth napkins add a lovely touch of elegance and charm  to any table setting. Teaching our daughters how to create lovely table settings brings back the much missed etiquette that our culture is lacking today.

You can give it try for yourself with the complimentary sample from Top 100 Step-by-Step Napkin Folds located on pages 32 and 33 in the Easy Napkin Folds section. 

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Bow, pages 32 - 34 

Featured Presentations #99 The Tropics(page 220 - Intermediate)

Napkin Folding with Denise Vivaldo and Cindie Flannigan -Youtube 

Robert Rose Inc
Complimentary Intermediate Napkin Folds #99 Tropics, pages 220-221

About the Author
Denise Vivaldo 
Denise Vivaldo is a professional caterer that has catered glamorous parties and events like the Academy Awards Governor's Ball and Hollywood wrap parties. In 1988, she founded a catering firm called Food Fanatics that features food-styling and recipe-development. She is author of various books that you can learn more about at Robert Rose, Inc.

Author Answers Segment:

1. Describe your book to us, what should readers expect? 

           There are 100 napkin folds -with place setting suggestions and color ideas! It's a bright,fun colorful book! 

2. What sparked your interest in publishing a book about napkin folding?
          I love setting a pretty table. 

3. What was the most exciting part of being a published author? 
          Well, this is my 8th book. I have enjoyed them all!  

4. What do your plans for future projects include?
          I am writing my memoir - thirty years of celebrities and working in Hollywood.    

5. Where can our readers connect with you socially? 

          I'm always on Facebook or Instagram (simply search for my name) - or through my blog: Denise Vivaldo Blogs.

Courtesy of Top 100 step-by-step Napkin Folds by Denise Vivaldo 2014 © www.robertrose.ca Reprinted with publisher permission. Available where books are sold.

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Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs happily received a complimentary copy of  Top 100 step-by-step Napkin Folds by Denise Vivaldo through Robert Rose, Inc.

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