Ginny Owens
I Know A Secret 
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Ginny Owens
I Know A Secret

My family and I were blessed to receive a complimentary copy of the recently released CD by Ginny Owens: I Know A Secret. Ginny Owens is a beautiful Christian singer-songwriter. Her songs have been featured on top Christian radio charts. And, she's a three-time Dove Awards winner with several ASCAP Awards, BMG Music Publishing Awards and much more. She has made an awesome impact on Christian and mainstream audiences.

I Know A Secret by Ginny Owens was released this past November 2014. You can hear 14 encouraging faith-based contemporary songs for everyone to enjoy! Aside from I Know A Secret and Borders, I find my heart welcomes Made for More, What You Believe and  What My Life Is For. These are songs with words that often passed through my mind as a Christian and I have included them in my prayers for myself and others.

I Know A Secret Track listing:

1. I Know A Secret (Ginny Owens / Monroe Jones)
2. What My Life Is For (Ginny Owens / Jeff Pardo / Molly Reed)
3. I Will Praise You (Ginny Owens / Cindy Morgan)
4. Deeper (Ginny Owens / Ian Eskelin / Tony Wood)
5. Made For More (Ginny Owens)
6. All Things (Ginny Owens / Monroe Jones)
7. No Borders (Ginny Owens / Josh Bronleewe / Benji Cowart)
8. In This Darkness (Ginny Owens / Michael Puryear / Dwight Liles)
9. O The Deep (Words & Music by Samuel Francis / Arranged Ginny Owens)
10. Stumblin' (Ginny Owens / Monroe Jones / Michael Puryear / Dwight Liles)
11. I Am Yours (Ginny Owens / Jamie Harvill)
12. What You Believe (Ginny Owens / Monroe Jones)
13. Without You (Ginny Owens)
14. Don't Waste Your Life (Ginny Owens / James Isaac Elliot / Andrew Ramsey)

Ginny Owens is a Christian singer-songwriter.

Visit, Ginny Owens website for the following:

  • About Ginny
  • Ginny's Journal
  • FREE Downloads
  • Discography
  • Tour Dates & more 

And, Ginny Owens fans can join her in Israel this coming February 9-18 with singer-songwriter Andrew Greer.

Ginny Owens | "No Borders" | Official Lyric Video on YouTube

Social Connection: Ginny Owens on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thank you,
Janet Coffield
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Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs was blessed to receive a complimentary copy of Ginny Owens - I Know A Secret through Shore Fire Media.

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