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NIV First-Century Study Bible SRV $49.99

NIV First-Century Study Bible
Explore Scripture in Its Jewish and Early Christian Context 
with Notes by Kent Dobson 
Foreword from Ed Dobson
ISBN 978-0-310-93890-3
Published by Zondervan
USD $49.99
Bibles/New International Version/Study

Resolve to Go Deeper in the Word

Have you desired to learn more about the Bible and its unique history? You can explore the scriptures in its Jewish and Early Christian context with the NIV First-Century Study Bible with editorial notes by Kent Dobson published by Zondervan.

“The NIV First-Century Study Bible is the most exhilarating and deeply moving work of accessible Biblical commentary and presentation that I have seen in years. Carefully constructed and beautifully presented, The First Century adds a depth and a rootedness to our Christian heritage that will both comfort and enliven the believing heart. I, for one, cannot even begin to express my gratitude for this body of work.”
-Phyllis Tickle, founding editor of the Religion Department of Publishers Weekly

“The NIV First-Century Study Bible is one of the finest publications available today. It deserves a Gold Medallion award for its academic excellence, practical application and beautiful presentation. Kent Dobson makes the biblical world come alive to today’s readers. He helps connect the New Testament to its Jewish roots in the Hebrew Scriptures, examines ancient interpretations and challenges his readers to dig deeper into the Word of God for themselves. Don’t miss this beautiful, helpful and insightful Study Bible. It will make the biblical world of the first-century speak to your heart in the twenty-first century.”
-Dr. Ed Hindson 
Dean & Distinguished Professor of Religion
School of Religion, Liberty University

The NIV First-Century Study Bible begins by providing us with an extensive introduction for each book of the Bible with information about the author(if available), date, theme and more.

Features of the NIV First-Century Study Bible Includes:

  • The Complete Bible, NIV translation
  • ABC Order Books of the Bible 
  • Old & New Testament Chronology
  • Introductions and Outlines for each book of the Bible
  • "Day in the Life Articles" life of people in Bible times
  • Study Notes includes commentary & thought-provoking questions text/Bible times
  • Word Studies(Greek & Hebrew words) explore meanings
  • "Addressing the Text Articles" deep revelation of passages
  • Photographs
  • Table of Contents
  • Maps, charts, models & Illustrations


The NIV First-Century Study Bible is a great way to explore and engage in the Living Word. I love learning about the ancient days of our early Christians. The "Day in the Life Articles" plus the photographs, models and illustrations help bring it more alive to me. I realize many think this is a study Bible that should be recommended for students or pastors but truthfully as a Christian we are all disciples. We should desire to know more about our Christian heritage and feel confident in sharing it with others. If you have questions, the NIV First-Century Study Bible is the perfect place to begin finding those answers. What a great resource for every Christian family to have in their homes!


The  NIV NEW-CENTURY STUDY BIBLE is featured in hardcover and various genuine leather bindings. SRV. $49.99 +

Learn more about the NIV First-Century Study Bible. Purchase your copy today!

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About the Editor
Kent Dobson  is a former worship director for Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan. He fell in love with Biblical studies shortly after he moved to Israel to study and learn more about the Jewish and Christian culture in how it relates to the Holy Word.  He received a Masters Degree in History and Geography of the First Temple Period from Jerusalem University College. He returned to America to teach and preach. He leads tours in Israel to the Holy Lands with Bible study and prayer. He has been featured on the History Channel and Discovery Channel. Currently, he resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan with wife and children.

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