What does the Bible teach us about giving? Find out in Receiving Christmas by Ron Zarbock.

Thoughtful book teaches readers to fully accept all that they receive so they can go on to truly give

Receiving Christmas by Ron Zarbock
Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin, yet the Bible contains considerably more references to receiving than giving

Christmas is more about receiving than giving, says author Ron Zarbock, yet many individuals find it difficult to receive. Indeed, he says, society as a whole needs to be more open to receiving, whether it’s the gift of Christ or a heart transplant for an ailing newborn baby.

In his newly published book Receiving Christmas, Zarbock tells a series of small stories about receiving, including poignant medical stories. He also devotes a whole chapter to receiving Christ, who in fact taught more about receiving than giving.

Zarbock’s personal epiphany began one Christmas morning while watching his young son open up one gift after the next. Initially attentive, Zarbock began to lose interest, and he realized that while he had found joy in giving, it was just as important to receive.

This concept was further driven home when Zarbock heard the story of newborn baby Kiley, who needed a heart transplant. Receiving the new heart, emphasizes Zarbock, required the infant nicknamed "Tin Man" to open up to, connect with, and accept the foreign heart as his own.

Receiving Christmas also tackles why receiving is so difficult for modern readers. Zarbock uses the symbol of a star and its five points to represent the five principles of receiving that must be honored before true receiving, and by extension true giving, can occur: get clear, take action, open up, connect, and accept.

He also discusses roadblocks to receiving, such as loving thy neighbor as thyself, overcoming the incessant noise of our modern lives, and shedding the covetousness of consumerism that impacts modern readers.

He comments, "As a society, we need to be more open to receiving. This book offers real-life examples of those who have learned how to receive and then go on to truly give, for only when we know how to receive is this possible."

He adds, "Thoughtful readers who learn how to receive will discover that they no longer have to compete in the race and noise of the Christmas season, or any season of the year. They can also share on Facebook how the book has inspired them to be a part of a more receiving community."
In the spirit of having truly learned to receive and give, proceeds from Receiving Christmas are donated to those in need. For more information or to contact the author for radio interviews, visit www.receivingchristmas.org.

AUTHOR: Ron Zarbock loves the outdoors and is passionate about traveling to interesting places, learning about various cultures around the world, and serving others. He studied computer science, marketing, and international distribution and is a business executive in Utah. Ron and his wife, Jennifer, have eight children and two grandchildren (and counting) and are avid celebrators of Christmas. This is his first book.

RECEIVING CHRISTMAS by Ron Zarbock; Publisher: BPerfect, LLC; Category: Self Help, Religious, Holiday; 978-0986070907; Availability: ReceivingChristmas.com

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