Holiday Gift Guide: Do you suffer with dry, itchy, flaky skin? CapriClear® Spray-On Moisturizer

CapriClear® Spray-On Moisturizer
100% Coconut Oil Spray

CapriClear® Spray-On Moisturizer

We received a complimentary sample of CapriClear® Spray-On Moisturizer through Light Years Ahead and the opinions posted are our own. 

Do suffer with dry, flaky, scaling or irritated skin? What about eczema or atopic dermatitis? Got scars or stretchmarks? You can get immediate soothing relief and better looking skin with the over-the-counter product  CapriClear®(Prononced Kap ruh Kleer) Spray-On Moisturizer. It is a family-friendly product that contains natural anti-oxidants and bacterial properties; free of:

  • Additives
  • Dyes
  • Emulsifiers
  • Fragrances
  • Gluten
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Preservatives
  • Sulfates
  • Other toxins that can lead to skin irritation

CapriClear®(Prononced Kap ruh Kleer) Spray-On Moisturizer was created by Dr. Betty Bellman, a leading dermatologist from Miami, Florida. CapriClear®(Prononced Kap ruh Kleer) Spray-On Moisturizer bears the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance and is part of the Eczema and Sensitive Skin Education(EASE) program. 

This product was made in the USA in Suwanee, Georgia at Enaltus LLC. Enaltus LLC is a leading skin care specialty company. 

Buy Now:  Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS/Pharmacy, Drugstore.com, Walmart, Walgreens,and other fine retailers nationally. 

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Our Thoughts 

My twenty-two year old daughter tried CapriClear® Spray-On Moisturizer 100% Coconut Oil Spray. She contends with sensitive skin irritations at various times throughout the year. She was excited about testing out CapriClear® Spray-On Moisturizer. After a few days, she can see the benefits and loves that it is fragrance-free. Her most positive remark was that it is great to use in her hair. It helps reduces frizzy hair.

Also, if you have stretchmarks or scars, you might want to give CapriClear®Spray-On Moisturizer a test-drive, too.

Thank you, 
Janet Coffield
Loving Heart Design
Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a complimentary sample of this product through Light Years Ahead. 

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