New TLC Series - Risking It All - November 18th

--TLC launches new series on Tuesday, November 18th at 10/9c--

(New York, NY) - Escaping the pressures of modern society proves to be an unforgettable and life-changing adventure as three families set out to live off the land in the new TLC series, RISKING IT ALL. Starting on November 18th at 10/9c, these families not only unplug their smartphones and tablets, but they also give up electricity and running water for a life off the grid in a drastic last resort to reconnect with each other. From attempting to save their marriage to dealing with family illness to regaining control of their relationships, each family has a different reason for embarking on the journey of a lifetime. The three families pack up their homes, say their good-byes to loved ones, and prepare for the challenges that come with trading in the luxuries of modern-day society for a self-sufficient life.

“Risking it All taps into something every modern day family can relate to – the desire to connect,” says Nancy Daniels, General Manager, TLC. “In today’s harried world we have all fantasized about getting back to basics. These families are simply taking it to the extreme!”

In the premiere episode, each of the families gear up for life outside their comfort zone. From selling their houses to exploring ways to provide food and shelter for themselves, all three families must tackle the trials they face as they leave their plugged-in lives behind. In every hour-long episode, each family has their own set of obstacles that they must overcome in order to survive. With the common goal of reconnecting with each other in one way or another, the families hope that their new life off the grid will bring them closer together rather than tear them apart.

The three families include:

David and Shay Kemp are happily married with five kids, but David’s work schedule took over his life and left little time for his family.  When David was laid off from his job, they reevaluated everything and realized the pressures to keep up with modern-day demands proved to be very difficult in their current situation. Stemming from their strong Christian faith, they are determined to go off the grid to reconnect and bring themselves back to their core values. The family is ready to leave the comforts of their suburban home in exchange for a life living off the land, but not without serious reservations.

Tina and Blake Elliott are searching for a more holistic lifestyle to support Tina who is suffering from degenerative arthritis. With three animal-loving daughters and their pets in tow, the family plans to move to Oregon where the temperate climate is favorable for growing produce and raising livestock. Blake wants to build a house from the ground up, and the whole crew will have to support and pitch in for them to successfully live on the land. Their most emotional challenge is sending one of their daughters off to college, and the family must decide if their self-sufficient life is worth it.

Brett and Callie Watford are striving to save their marriage and believe that eliminating external distractions will bring them closer together and closer to their family. With four sons who are attached to their electronics and games, the Watfords must convince their boys that unplugging from the outside world will be filled with adventure and ultimately strengthen their family. Brett has a background in construction, but this relocation will be a test of his skills as he must provide shelter and clean water for his whole family.

RISKING IT ALL is produced by Twofour America for TLC.

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