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National Geographic Curiosity Kits

What a great day for setting up the craft table outdoors today! I brought out the National Geographic Curiosity Kit for Aborigine Pottery Activity Kit. It came with everything we needed to create two small bowls and one tile. We only needed old newspaper to protect our working station and water for clean-up time. Ages 8 and up. This kit was an old craft from many years ago. I did a Google search but did not find many for sale. There was a NGCK for My World Quilt at Amazon and a NGCK for Candle Making Activity Kit at Ebay. You can check out other Art and Creativity kits at National Geographic though.

Day 1: Making the Pottery 

National Geographic Curiosity Kit ~ Aborigine Pottery Activity Kit

Day 2: Painting the Pottery

Coming Soon...

Thank you,
 Janet Coffield
Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs was not compensated for this review posting for National Geographic Curiosity Kits.
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