The Food Substitutions Bible, 2nd Edition by David Joachim

The Food Substitutions Bible, 2nd Ed. by David Joachim

The Food Substitutions Bible, Second Edition
by David Joachim

ISBN: 9780778802457
Price (USD):$24.95(CAN) $27.95
Number of Pages: 696/ 7"x10"/Index
Publisher: Robert Rose, Inc.

     The Food Substitutions Bible 2nd Edition by David Joachim Culinary traditions have changed immensely from the time I was a small child. I recall many times when I was visiting my grandmother that she would send my cousin, Ronnie to the woods to set his rickety trap in order to catch an unsuspecting gray squirrel or rabbit as they nibbled vegetation beneath a small bush or shrub. He would bag it and then bring it home to my grandmother to clean and skin for their supper. She remarked that it tasted just like chicken - finger licking good!

     I never witnessed the skinning or cleaning of the gray squirrels or rabbits but I did attend as she helped our family prepare our large coop of chickens for the freezer one year. I am a bit fuzzy on the actual season but it is one memory that I will never forget.

     Is your mouth watering for fried squirrel or rabbit, now? Well, you could substitute another meat for the common gray squirrel. Let's check out the new kitchen resource book, The Food Substitutions Bible, Second Edition by David Joachim. From A1 to Zwieback there are 6,500   substitutions for ingredients, equipment and techniques. As I browse the alphabetized entries, I locate the word squirrel. Included is a bit of history specifically featuring the common gray squirrel as presented in the reprinted 1962 cookbook, The Joy of Cooking published by the Bobbs-Merrill Company; which shared recipes and step-by-step instructions for skinning and cleaning a squirrel. If squirrel is not your cup of tea, then you could one of these substitutes: a rabbit(more tender meat), hare(pinker meat) or chicken(lighter, more tender meat).

  • How To Use this Book
  • A - Z Substitutions
  • Measurement Equivalent Charts
  • Ingredient Guides
  • Recipes(50 new recipes)

     The Food Substitutions Bible, Second Edition by David Joachim is awesome.  I highly recommend it as a great gift idea for newly wed couples, a housewarming shower, college bound students, the local firehouse, organic farmers, hunting lodges, home, school, church libraries and more.

DAVID JOACHIM has written, edited or collaborated on more than 40 cookbooks. He is a bestselling and award-winning author.  The Science of Good Food, which he co-authored with Andrew Schloss, was nominated for a James Beard Award and the first edition of  The Food Substitutions Bible won the prestigious International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Award. 

Thank you,
Janet Coffield
Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a complimentary copy of The Food Substitutions Bible, Second Edition by David Joachim through Robert Rose, Inc.
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