Learn 10 Steps for Implementing the pH Balance Diet Program

The pH Balance Health & Diet Guide for GERD, IBS & IBD

The pH Balance Health & Diet Guide for GERD, IBS & IBD
Practical Solutions, Diet Management + 175 Recipes
by Dr. Fraser Smith, Susan Hannah, Dr. Daniel Richardson
  • 288 pages , 7"x10" 
  • ISBN: 9780778804925 
  • Publisher: Robert Rose www.robertrose.ca
  • SRV: $24.95US, $24.95CAN, £16.95UK

Did you know that infants, pregnant woman and older people are at risk for GERD, too? It happens usually before the age of 30, and  happens more often in women than men.

I received a complimentary copy of   The pH Balance Health & Diet Guide for GERD, IBS & IBD  by authors Dr. Fraser Smith, Susan Hannah and Dr. Daniel Richardson and published by Robert Rose, Inc. This book immediately peaked my interest because I have children with GI conditions. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with IBD(Crohns Disease) at the age of sixteen. She had complications which resulted in surgery. And, about a decade ago my fourth daughter began to have symptoms of  GERD at the age of eight-years-old. She has had relapses every four years since being diagnosed with it.

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In the United States, approximately seven million people have some symptoms of GERD. 

In this book, you will learn what is pH balance, how it is measured and how it can be restored. You will learn the ideal pH level for your body. You will learn about GI basics and therapies, lifestyle changes, medical therapies, complementary therapies and plans, balancing dietary fats, and food reactions. Chapter three begins by introducing you to the ph Balance Diet Program which features topics about food guides, food groups, balancing dietary fats, food reactions and how the diet works. Then it proceeds to the 28-day Meal Plan followed by 175 recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. This book will give you ample information that you need to follow an acid-alkaline balanced diet, and provides current information on common gastrointestinal conditions.

Restore your body’s acid-alkaline balance and enjoy better health and well-being.

At first, the book begins like a quick science lesson taking you back to high school, but it is made easy to understand and follow. I was introduced to many new things and was left with much to ponder about my own health and well-being. It is an awesome resource for future inquiries.

Did you know that the kind of water you drink can contribute to higher acidity in your body?

If you want to find out more, visit www.robertrose.ca. for The pH Balance Health & Diet Guide for GERD, IBS & IBD by Smith, Hannah & Richardson. SRV. $ 24.95 USA

About Authors
DR. FRASER SMITH, BA, ND, is an Assistant Dean and teacher of Naturopathic Medicine at the National University of Health Science’s College of Professional Studies, and is an editorial board member of Natural Medicine Journal.

SUSAN HANNAH, BA, BScH, is respected health author, a volunteer researcher and a former research associate at the Department of Family Medicine, Queen’s University.

DR. DANIEL RICHARDSON, BS, MSc, PhD, DAANC, CNC, is a prominent expert in nutrition and botanical medicine and is a professor and chair of the Department of Nutrition and Biochemical Therapeutics and the Department of Undergraduate Studies at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois.

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Janet Coffield
Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a complimentary copy of The pH Balance Health & Diet Guide for GERD, IBS  IBD by  through Robert Rose, Inc.
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