Ditch the Box and Get with the Mist with a Twist: NEW! Boogie Mist by Boogie Wipes

Boogie Mist - Boogie Wipes
The Mist with a Twist! 

     Let me introduce you to the NEW! Boogie Mist dispenser by Little Busy Bodies, LLC. They are the same folks that gave us the awesome Boogie Wipes products! What is Boogie Mist? Well, NEW! Boogie Mist is a non-medicated natural saline that helps moisturize dry irritated noses and helps flush and irrigate stuffy nasal passages from dust, pollen, dirt, and congestion for children of all ages. NEW! Boogie Mist has a unique scented "Schnozzle" spray nozzle that comes in your choice of fresh, grape and unscented formulas. (3.0 oz)

NEW! Boogie Mist, 3.0 oz.

     If your child has sensitive skin issues, then you'll love that NEW! Boogie Mist is 100% hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, and gentle enough to use daily and/or as often as needed.

     NEW! Boogie Mist is easy-to-use and convenient! When the occasion arises, simple shake the can to activate the scent and administer by having your child slightly tilt their head to either the  left or right and gently mist with the scented schnozzle. Repeat the procedure with the opposite nostril.  And, have a Boogie Wipe ready for the drip! It's Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! Giggle!

     It is recommended that each child have their own personal Boogie Mist spray to help eliminate the spread of germs or infections. And, please do not allow children to use this product unattended.

     The price for the NEW! Boogie Mist varies from $6.29 at www.boogiewipes.com but you may find it cheaper at other retailers online or locally. (3.0 oz) Be ready for the cold and flu season by stacking up!


Ditch the box and get the mist with a twist 

 YouTube Video Demonstration ...

The Box VS The Mist MSVP $6.29

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