Mason Jar Salads: The Cure for Sad Desk Lunch

Mason Jar Salads and more SRV $16.95

Mason Jar Salads and more by Julia Mirabella
ISBN: 978-1-61243-289-2
144 pp, 6 1/2 x 9
SRV $16.95, Trade Paper
Ulysses Press

Say goodbye to boring lunches and take the stress our of your morning rush to work or school by planning ahead with fresh, healthy and tasty meals from the Mason Jar Salads and more by Julia Mirabella. Salad magic in a mason jar? I absolutely agree, she features 50 easy and fun meals with recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, snacks and more. You will find ideas for soups, pastas, chilis, smoothies and salsas. She includes ten tasty vinaigrette recipes like blueberry, lemon, lime, apple cider vinaigrette and many more.

Julia Mirabella says the secret to mason jar salads is with the layering. She teaches us the benefits of the mason jar, shares what you will need and how to assemble your salads and more.

My backyard garden is producing an ample supply of tomatoes and I cannot wait to make bruschetta and salsa.This past Sunday, my family and I enjoyed the potato salad  instead of fried potatoes with our favorite homemade hamburgers. It was a success! We look forwards to whipping up more of her delicious creations.  We will enjoy  Mason Salad Jars and more.

Potato Salad featured on pages 86-86

Author Answers Segment:

·  Describe your cookbook to us, what should readers expect?: Readers should expect to find a whole bunch of ideas for mason jar salad recipes accompanied by photos. It’s also a cookbook intended to give people the tools to make their own salads, beyond what lies in the book; I encourage people to make their own combinations. The book gives you a great place from which to start experimenting.
·  What inspired you to become a writer and how has it changed your life? I always considered writing, but I had never really focused on it. That changed in 2013. I was living in Louisville, KY and didn’t know many people in the city. I started cooking a lot and decided to create a food blog. The blog allowed me to start writing more and with the writing and cooking I also started to explore photography too. It was through the blog I got an opportunity to write this book. In general, my writing has allowed me to connect with more people and to exchange ideas with a whole food community I was never a part of before.
·  What is the most exciting part of being a published author? The most exciting part is hearing back from readers. People have gotten back in touch with me and let me know that the recipes work; I’ve been hearing so much positivity from everyone. It feels good to know that I’ve helped people and that they appreciate the book.  When I wrote the book I hoped I would help people and it seems like the book is doing that – that’s the best I could hope for.
·  What were the biggest challenges you faced in writing the book? My biggest challenge was creating the recipes. I wanted to make things that were simple enough to actually use regularly and also I wanted to make sure that they worked! It took time to write the recipes, then to test them, and tweak them.
·  What are your favorite recipes from this cookbook? I have a lot of favorites. At this time of summer, I’ve been relying on the Greek Salad, the Watermelon Salad, and the Ratatouille recipes a lot – they are all great ways to use up all the summer vegetables that are around right now.
·  What do your plans for future projects include? (Cookbook for children, Mason jar desserts, etc): I’m still trying to figure that out! At the moment I’m just enjoying the summer. It has been busy these last few months, but I’m looking forward to working on and improving my blog, myfoodandotherstuff.com
·  Besides being a Mason jar enthusiast, what are your hobbies? Besides being a proud mason jar enthusiast, I love photography and blogging. I’m also an avid reader. Other than that, I’m an attorney by day, and the job keeps me pretty busy.
·  How can our readers connect with you socially? There are lots of ways to reach me. First off, I have a food blog called Food and Other Stuff (myfoodandotherstuff.com). If you like seeing food photos then check out my Instagram at @mirabellajg. My twitter account is @mirabellaj.

We appreciate that Julia Mirabella took time out of her busy schedule to share a quick glance into her life.

Thank you,
Janet Coffield
Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a free copy of Mason Jar Salads by Julia Mirabella through Ulysses Press. 

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