Are Scientists Pointing to Design In Creation? Filmmaker Captures Breakthrough That Even Anti-God Science Is Revealing

Filmmaker Captures Breakthrough That Even Anti-God Science is Revealing

Bill Ewing, former Senior Vice President, Columbia Pictures, Producer of The Patriot, Men in Black, Spider Man says, "The Master Designer – The Song is inspired! A film for everyone but especially for families to enjoy together. It will definitely change your perspective about a world many of us take for granted."

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—It’s not a new debate – Evolution vs. Creationism and Intelligent design. But it’s one that Exploration Films is answering in a beautiful new nature documentary backed by respected, world class scientists and sales on previous films - all point to the fact they are on target with respectful content.

Steve Greisen, who has created pilots for the Discovery Channel, Discovery Europe/Middle East and the new Sportsman Network and has received recognition from National Geographic and President George H. Bush, is the creator and producer behind the film The Master Designer: The Song.

Says Greisen, “While many people participate in creationism debates, we don’t go there. We focus at a 30,000-foot level with the questions, What is the purpose of all this creation? What is the meaning of life? What is science saying about the design around us? The answer is that science now acknowledges evidence of design all through nature and we point to God as the Master designer.

“Our point is that design is not only around us but we have been designed too. And that design shows a grand purpose for all living things. We don’t view science as our enemy but we embrace it as more science reveals the detail God has put into creation.”

Greisen also says, “We’re careful not to lecture the viewer on what to believe but rather tell a story that takes the viewer on a journey of discovery where they can discover the truth for themselves. It’s all about tone. Others have their views – and we realize that we’ve stepped right in the middle of a culture war, so we are very careful with tone.”

The Master Designer – The Song shows the animals living out their purpose and design is evident throughout. Greisen says everything fits together and the same is true for us. “People need to know there’s a significance to their life,” he shares.

“We look at design and purpose. I’m not here to win a war on Intelligent design or Creationism. I want you to teach yourself rather than just tell you to believe something.”

There are 36 states that are allowing an alternate teaching to evolution – in some cases it’s Intelligent design and some teach biblical creation. 
This started 8 years ago when Kansas was trying to make this decision and they pulled in many resources. “They asked for a copy of our Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Series, which has sold over 1 million units, for all their board members,” says Greisen.

In The Master Designer - The Song, Greisen’s team worked with well-known, accredited scientists who reviewed every word of the script and made factual fixes and suggestions.
“I’m not a scientist but a storyteller. And to have these highly rated scientists in the world is saying we’re on target and we’re grateful for that endorsement.”
The basis of The Master Designer – The Song is a journey into nature’s story to be captured by the design and wonder around us.

The film looks at how the bee colony saved America and the intricate bee colony structure that couldn’t have existed if it evolved over time.

  The Bees that Saves America Trailer from YouTube:

It looks at the amazing design of wolves, the great bison herd and their special connection to Native Americans, the Texas Camel Corps, elk herds, and the musical cricket—all intricately pointing to amazing displays of design. The owner of the elk camp and elk expert featured in the film is Scott Rennick, the son of John Wayne’s best friend Avery Rennick.

The film team recorded the music with the respected Prague Symphony with Colorado Symphony conductor Scott O’Neal and two-time Emmy winner Charles Denler, creator of the musical theme for the Colorado Rockies.  

The Master Designer is available on amazon, itunes, and other digital platforms, including their YouTube channel, which has over 2 million participants.  

Science vs God from "The Master Designer - The Song DVD:

Greisen believes they are pioneers in this field. After they produced the Incredible Creatures Series, many started following them and over 400,000 people rated the series on Netflix.  “It revealed the hunger in families for an alternative of what is being taught in public schools. This new film gives parents an important tool to counter all the ‘science’ being taught in public schools. And this film does the same thing.” 

The Master Designer – The Song is about inspiration not an agenda. “Nature is God’s best love message to man,” Greisen says. He wants people to come away with a full heart touched by beauty, feeling great about the world they live in and the grand purpose behind all of creation.
For more information, visit Exploration Films.

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Steve Greisen is the founder of the production company Reel Productions, LLC since 1988 and the Inc. 5000 nominated international distribution company, Exploration Films. Previously he has worked in the music industry selling over a million records and helping launch a new category of music. He has built successful direct marketing models, created award-winning productions and achieved results for many non-profit organizations.
Though he grew up in Hong Kong and owned a few exotic pets along the way and has traveled to 72 countries, he lives in Colorado with his wife Nelly, a renowned singer. They enjoy hiking, camping, and motorcycling Colorado’s back roads of stunning beauty. He is the proud father of two grown sons, Andrew and Jesse, who also reside in Colorado. Greisen has been featured on American Family Radio, UPI, Vanity Fair, Dateline, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and others.

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