Perky-Pet® Top-Fill 64-Ounce Bird Waterer

Occasionally, I will sit with my den door ajar so I can watch as various birds fly by.  I have noticed them swooping down by the backdoor steps to pick up spare cat food and scoop up a quick drink of water. I know that we often put out bird feeder but I never considered a need to give birds water. I have seen lawns with bird baths but not bird waterers until I was approached to review the Perky-Pet® Top-Fill 64-Ounce Bird Waterer.

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To purchase you very own Perky-Pet® Top-Fill 64-Ounce Bird Waterer, visit Perky-Pet.com. SRV $17

Yes, I was excited about sharing clean water with the birds in our backyard. I went to our shop and found a spare hanging hook, grabbed my electric screw driver and two screws to immediately hang the bird waterer on my new fence post. Assembling the feeder was easy. Every couple of weeks, I only need to wash it with mild soapy water, refill and hang it out again.

I look forwards to attracting wild birds to my backyard and watching them drink from it. I might get lucky and be able to snap a few photos of the wild bird taking a drink.

I thoroughly enjoy recycling and I am glad that the rain gets to recycle through the feeder. Oh, It's so good! :)

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 Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a complimentary sample of the Perky-Pet® Top-Fill 64-Ounce Bird Waterer through EPIC Creative on behalf of Perky-Pet . Bookmark and Share

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