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Rope Around the House – Guest Blog Post, “Loving Heart Designs”
By Deborah Hanson, The Lehigh Group

You’ll be amazed by the number of ways you can use rope in your day-to-day hobbies and chores! This summer, make the most out of this extremely versatile tool. Here are some of my favorite uses for various types of rope around the house:

  • Gardening – Many green thumbs know that using ropes can help plants grow straight and tall, but rope has other gardening uses, too – like securing planters and outlining rows. For garden-related tasks, sisal rope is great because its natural fiber knots well and resists sunlight, so it will last longer. You also can keep your tools organized by tying rope around their handles to hang them up.
  • Cooking – Many do not think about butcher’s twine when it comes to cooking, yet it may be the most versatile tool in the kitchen! Use it to truss a chicken or roast, close a stock sachet made out of cheesecloth, cut soft cheese or butter and even help conserve refrigerator space by tying vegetables (like asparagus spears or carrots) together.
  • Line Drying Clothes – Go green and save money with all-purpose clothesline. Let it all hang out (your laundry, that is!) with this flexible, durable line that holds knots and is easy to handle. How you line dry your clothes is up to you – make it easy with retractable designs, or keep it simple with all-purpose traditional rope lines. The best part of line drying your clothes is that you also can save a bundle of money. Check out this calculator to see how much you can save: http://laundrylist.org/why-line-dry/cost-calculator/
  • Fashioning Hammocks and Tree Swings – Spend more time outside this summer on a hammock or tree swing with your young ones – or even by yourself! Use an all-purpose solid braid or twisted nylon rope that resists abrasion, sunlight, rot and mildew, and the backyard will be the perfect summer spot for years to come.
  • Decorating – Don’t forget about the fun part of hosting a get-together – sprucing up your home and making gifts! Use butcher’s twine to tie napkins around silverware for place settings. (Check out some samples on Pinterest!) You also can tie your tall flowers to keep them in place. For a simple but sweet take-home gift for your guests, wrap some of your home-grown herbs in bunches and tie them together.

To rope yourself a good time around the house this summer, you can find SecureLine by Lehigh products at many national retailers and on Amazon.com 

SecureLine by the Lehigh Group
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