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Sugru(Sue-groo) is a self adhesive silicone rubber that is similar to modeling clay but adheres to aluminum, ceramics, glass, some fabrics and plastics, steel and wood. It is easily removed from non-porous surfaces. Lover of heat and cold. Waterproof and dishwasher safe. UV resistant and electrically insulating. 

Warnings: Sugru forms by use of rolling in fingers. It may cause an allergic reaction, wearing gloves is recommended. (See package for details) Do not eat sugru!

Sugru is a great way to LOVE your planet! STOP toss out broken or worn out stuff! Instead, try sugru for fixing your STUFF or creating new gadgets! It comes in a variety of colors too! Try blending and matching the colors to fit your DIY needs!

Sugru Features:
  • bouncy
  • heat resistant
  • loves cold
  • flexible & insulating
  • 3D & Tacktile
  • soft touch
  • waterproof
  • removable

Extend the life of your sugru by refrigerating it! The use by date is located on each mini-pouch. Please, do not eat it!

My Contribution

Before SUGRU

My first DIY project was to eliminate this long ugly dark crack that is located on the rear of my SUV. It began splitting about a year ago. I hated it! HELP!!!



First, I washed my hands and prepared the cracked area by cleaning it. I opened up the white sugru pouch and proceeded to massage and model the silicone rubber into an elongated snake by rolling it between my hands. Then, I carefully layered the snake over the crack and used a water & soap solution to smooth out the finished project. The use of soap and water help remove traces of finger prints as well. Since, we were due rain I used my wiper blade to hold a plastic bag over the area to keep it dry for the first twenty-four hours. I allowed it to dry and it has worked super so far. There has not been any flaking or cracking with use.

I am ready to make a long list of sugru projects! 

I am sure there are many other ways to use sugru in your home, office or at school. If you need some inspiration, check out the SUGRU Community. Sign up for FREE and get 10% discount code. 

Check out this upcoming SUGRU CONTEST: September Build Night with Sugru! For more details, click here(http://sugru.com/blog/sugru-build-night-win-a-dslr-camera-and-full-autodesk-design-suite) for a chance to win Nikon DSLR camera AND a full copy of Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate for their local space (worth $10,000!) . Time is wasting! Deadline is July 28, 2014. (125 spaces available)

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sugru. The future needs fixing.

Sugru may produce an allergic reaction. It contains Methy

Thank you,
Janet Coffield

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received 8 Mini Packs of sugru for free.

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