COOK! Classes for Kids from Paulding & Co. - Culinary Courses for Kids 9 - 18!

COOK! Classes for Kids from Paulding & Co. - Culinary Courses for Kids 9 - 18!


Paulding & Co is a full catering kitchen, located in the San Francisco Bay area that highlights bonding and excitement for guests of all sizes.

Held primarily in the summer, in the Paulding & Company kitchen in Emeryville, the camps offer diverse training in everything from basic cooking skills to specialized cuisines, to kitchen science and more. These hands-on classes are designed to give kids the confidence and skills they need to cook for themselves, for friends, and for their families. COOK! Promotes the understanding that life is more colorful, more fragrant, and simply more interesting when you cook.
Founded by mother-daughter duo Terry and Tracy PauldingPaulding & Co. specializes in creating innovative event ideas for families and corporate entities through public cooking classes and exercises. This establishment has inspired Disney/Pixar animators for theRatatouille film and director Clint Eastwood for several projects.


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Cook! 2014 Summer Camp Schedule

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