Caltrate® Gummy Bites - Support Strong Bones!

If you suffer from dysphagia or fear of swallowing pills then listen up!  Now you can get the calcium and vitamin D3 to help support healthy bones from a gummy! Caltrate® Gummy Bites comes in three mouth popping fruity flavors: black cherry, orange and strawberry. They did not stick to my teeth like real gummy candy either.

My only objections are the price and the required taking two twice daily gummy recommendation. I like taking my vitamins all at one time. I am too busy to remember to take supplements later on in the day. If they would lower the price a few bucks and the recommended servings suggestion then I think they have a winner!

I shared a few samples with my daughters(teens) and they agree that the flavors are delightful. They hate taking pills too.

If you take medication or are pregnant or nursing mom, seek physician approval before use. Also, this product is not recommended for children under age 13.

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