ScarAway® Flex Long Sheets Trial Test Results

ScarAway® The Solution for Scars™ 

My family and I received complimentary samples of  ScarAway® The Solution for Scars™  products to feature a review and to provide progress of the results from using ScarAway® Silicone Daily Disks (SRV $24.99) and ScarAway® Flex Long Sheets(SRV $29.99). We hope you will come back to read the results of the experiment.

 ScarAway® The Solution for Scars™ Flex Long Sheets:

Day 1

Exhibit 1: Childhood Surgery for Club Foot age 8 (46 years ago) Male

ScarAway® Flex Long Sheets  Day 1

Friday, June 27, 2014

One the first day, the bandage came off when my husband wore it at work. He climbs up and down ladders daily to do electrical work. He said it would not stay in place.  For the next application we have decided to use it for a 12 hour period only and replace it each day for a week. He will wear is when he is at home. I am sure you can apply more tape to hold it in place but it would not be comfortable for him.

Monday, July 15, 2014

My husband is still using the bandages daily but he only wears them when he is at home. When he wore them to work they would come off due to his continual climbing up and down ladders to do his job. (electrical) We decided to cut the bandage in half to prevent curling. He has not had an allergic reaction like my daughter did with the ScarAway Daily Disks.

Tuesday, July  29, 2014

The surgery scar seems a bit less noticeable. He is not using the bandage on the lower part of the surgery area as posted in the images above. When wearing the bandage it causes the skin to become softer. He wants to keep the area where his work-boot rests to stay tough due to his continual climbing ladders and stairs at work. (electrician) He was afraid he would get a blister from it softening.

ScarAway® Trials & Progress:

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Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received free complimentary samples of the ScarAway® The Solution for Scars products for our unbiased review. 
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