Garden News: Butter Beans Growing

Butter Beans are sprouting.
Last summer, my Daddy gave the girls about one-hundred butter bean seeds to plant in our North Carolina garden. (backyard) We hung them in an old recycled sock to dry during the winter months. And, I dug holes to plant about fifty butter bean plants. We began them in the black containers you see in the above photo. I only kept three butter bean plants in containers and the rest are safely in the ground.

Closeup of Butter Beans 06/26/2014
Butter beans are a hardy and easy-to-grow vegetable. I read online that during this stage the butter beans are toxic. Please do not eat raw butter beans until you cook them! Also, I am not sure if these are Fordhook 242, Henderson Bush, Eastland or Thorogreen beans. I do not know if they will be the beige butter beans or the green Lima beans. What a mystery! What fun! Happy gardening.

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