Neighborhood Cat - Bob aka/Blondie 6.19.2014
 About one year ago during the month of June 2013 we discovered a friendly kitten that began showing up in our backyard. We figured that someone moved away and abandoned him. We have helped feed him for a year now.We already have an indoor cat that my daughter adopted from the vet when visiting with her father last summer. His name is Oliver and we call him Ollie.

Oliver the Cat
Ollie celebrated his first birthday back in May 01, 2014. He is much larger now. He is a beautiful and unique cat! :)

Beta Fish - Midnight(2011)

 I guess I should take a picture of my long time pal, Midnight! He is a Beta Fish. <>< He is a beautiful dark blue and has been with us all the way from Georgia to North Carolina. We have owned him for several years now, since 2011.

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