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Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums Seafood Sensation

We received the Seafood Sensations of the Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums through Chewy.com. Each tender morsel is made with real tuna. If you are seafood fan, then you will agree the that it smells wonderful! These tender and tasty treats are only 2 calories.

Kitty Yum Benefits:
  • Made with quality ingredients, not made with poultry-by-products meals, corn, soy or wheat.
  • Real salmon and tuna.
  • Wholesome brown rice & oatmeal
  • Rosemary for better cat breathe.
  • Contains Taurine to promote better vision and a healthier heart.
  • Supports skin and coat with fish oil.

Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums Seafood Sensations

Our Thoughts

Let me explain what's going on in the collage of Ollie the Cat posted above... As you can see, I am presenting him with the Blue Buffalo Kitty Yum Seafood Sensations package and he is very interested. He leans over so politely and grasps the yummy scented treat with his mouth. The fourth images on the left shows that he is retreating. Where did he go? Does he not like it? What has happened is that he preferred taking his treat down to his food bowl to eat it. The middle photo is where I am presenting him with another treat and he repeats the action of taking it to his food bowl so that he will not miss one yummy bite. He is a queer one! We love him!

I have to give this one my complete approval. I had read a few negative reviews from other customers but we had the opposite reaction. Ollie is a fan!

Thank you,
Loving Heart Designs & Ollie the Cat
Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a complimentary sample of Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums  through Chewy.com. Bookmark and Share

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