The Benefits of Sea Kelp for Struggling Plants by Tom Schreiber

Sea Kelp
The Benefits of Sea Kelp for Struggling Plants
By Tom Schreiber, CEO of Organics Rx

Surprisingly, the key to helping a struggling plant actually lies in a weed – sea weed, that is.  Whether you are growing your plants indoors or outdoors, plants fed an organic diet of sea kelp is a healthy and natural way to help your plants flourish.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but healthy plants require healthy soil.  Although chemical plant foods give plants an immediate boost, they can also burn out a plant’s roots with too many nutrients that can’t be absorbed.  Sea kelp acts as a soil enrichment that provides micronutrients such as Cytokinins (carbohydrates), which release essential minerals into soil.  Since sea weed is all-natural, it continues to condition the soil even after all the nutrients have been used up.

In simple terms, a plant’s soil is like a very thick protein shake. With the help of a sea kelp booster, like Organics Rx Sea-Kelp 100, your plants are now drinking from an oversized straw versus a tiny coffee stirrer.

Just like a relaxing trip to the ocean is for us, sea kelp has amazing restorative effects for your plants too. This summer, it might be time to treat your struggling plants to a sea kelp cocktail.

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