Spring Cleaning Project: Window Box Fans

Spring Cleaning Project: Window Box Fans

Window Box Fans

On a lovely warm sunny day gather all your dirty Window Box Fans and take them outside to your patio or other area designated for your spring clean destination.You might want a cup of coffee too.

Window Box Fan

Grab an electric screw driver or a Phillips head screw driver. Remember to keep up with all those loose screws. A jar lid, bowl or ash tray will work just fine for storing loose screws. Gently remove the fan from the center. Do not strip the screws when unscrewing or reinserting them.

  • Unscrew the back and front of the fan.
  • Store screws safe and out of the way.
  • Gently remove the center white fan blade.

Dirty Window Box Fan Motor - May need lubrication!

If you are having problems with your motor, it may only need some lubrication from oil. (graphite or a silicon-based lubricant) A bad motor can be replaced by taking the part to your local home improvement store. They should be able to help you!

Cleaning Supplies & Accessories
 Decide what cleaning supplies you will need! 

  • Soft or recycle an old Toothbrush
  • Broom and/or Vacuum Cleaner
  • All Purpose Brush (Tire Brush or Bath tube brush)
  • Paper Towels and Rags or Towels
  • Window Cleaner and bucket with mild dish detergent

Cleaned and like NEW Window Box Fans

Window Box Fan Cleaning:

  • Wipe or wash the center fan blade with mild dish soap or Window Cleaner. Dry it!
  • Gently & carefully brush away dust from the electrical mechanism.Vacuum optional.
  • Vacuum the whole fan(front & back), wash the plastic parts and use a bath or tire brush with mild dish soap. Squirt off soap with water hose and leave to air dry. Do Not scrub the front/back too aggressively. 
  • Wipe down the outside and inside of the metal area of your fan.(control knob)
  • Wipe the electrical cord too!
  • Please, Do Not wet the electrical mechanism!!!

Allow the front and back to dry and then restore your clean Window Box Fans to their designations. We use our fans all seasons of the year. We have fans in each bedroom, the shop and the gym.

Did you know that you can flip your Window Box Fan so it can suck out hot air from inside your home? Kitchen's can be HOT places! We often flip our fan to help keep our home cooler. Try it!

Keeping your Window Box Fan clean can help it run smoother and add to the life of it!  It saves money too.

If this article was helpful to you, let us know. 

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Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs did not receive compensation for this post. Please note that Loving Heart Designs is not responsible for any damage to your fan or self due to cleaning and repairs to your own Window Box Fan.
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