My Family Talk :: Solid Answers :: Discussing Teenage Defiance

My Family Talk :: Solid Answers :: Discussing Teenage Defiance

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Recently, I was discussion with my eight year old daughter about the importance of children obeying parents and not getting everything they ask for. The bratty and defiant behavior which can be witnessed in many areas when we are out shopping. It is sad to see children running rampant throughout the department stores. I have seen children pitching tantrums and left to scream while onlookers look at them in displeasure. The parents continued shopping and ignored the screaming child. Another time I saw small boys opening candy and tossing away the wrappers without a single thought as to if they should pay for it. What is the world coming too?

I wanted her to realize that God did not like such behavior and holds parents responsible for disciplining their children. I looked it up online and found the discussion for parents with teenagers at Focus on the Family by Dr. James Dobson. I hope you find it interesting too.

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