Pansy in Paris: A Mystery at the Museum by Cynthia Bardes

Pansy in Paris: A Mystery at the Museum

“Move over Nancy Drew! This pint-sized poodle, Pansy, is one heck of  a canine detective!” —Leslie McGuirk
 I have always been  a fan of children books especially when I began home-schooling our five daughters back in 1989. And now, my youngest child is eight years old and I have half a dozen grandchildren that I long to read to and share the love of reading.

"Pansy in Paris: A Mystery at the Museum," by Cynthia Bardes is the second of the Pansy Series. The series began with "Pansy at the Palace: A Beverly Hills Mystery." In "Pansy in Paris," Avery and her tiny toy poodle named Pansy live at the Palace Hotel in Beverly Hills. Pansy has been honored from her recent roll in a mystery where she helped capture a jewel thief.  And, now she has been summoned by Inspector Claude to Paris, France to help solve another mystery of stolen paintings from the Museum during the Dog Day at the Museum event. Who is stealing the paintings? Will Pansy and Avery sniff out the guilty party?
What a lovely series! "Pansy in Paris," reminds me of the stories of "Eloise," by Kay Thompson and "Madeline," by Ludwig Bemelmans. Cynthia Bardes has created a wonderful mystery series with Pansy, the toy poodle, and Avery. Each page is filled with bright and colorful artwork by illustrator, Virginia Best. 
What a great book to read to small children and excellent to be read-aloud or silently by young children. I hope you will inspect it! Enjoy!

Pansy in Paris: A Mystery at the Museum

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Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a free copy of "Pansy in Paris: A Mystery at the Museum," by Cynthia Bardes through Susannah Greenberg Public Relations.

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