Tracie Long "Longevity" Series DVD's 35 +

Tracie Long "Longevity" Series DVD's for Ages 35+

Invest in your Body’s Health 
as Nationally Known Certified Fitness Trainer Tracie Long Releases
her Latest Health/Fitness DVDs Designed for Women 35+

Tracie Long “Longevity” Series
Shelter Island Releases “Defining Shape,” “Staying Power” & “Step Forward” on April 8, 2014

Tracie Long Longevity Series:  Defining Shape, Staying Power and Step Forward, Long has proven again that women of all ages can feel fabulous, gain flexibility and strength, and have more energy to get through their hectic work and home schedules. Defining Shape, Staying Power and Step Forward are available April 8, 2014 from home entertainment label Shelter Island at a suggested retail price of only $14.98 each.

Tracie Long is an icon for women and fellow moms across the globe for her work with The Firm, one of the most successful fitness franchises in history with sales exceeding 100 million units worldwide. After starring and/or appearing in more than 15 titles, Tracie Long launched her own workout series Tracie Long Focus Series in December 2013. The Tracie Long “Longevity Series” is an innovative 50 minute workout system specifically designed for women 35+ who face the most demanding schedules. The workout regimes require light equipment.   

Tracie Long Longevity Series: Defining Shape
Designed to increase lean muscle mass, this all-weights workout focuses on the lower body and shoulders.  

Tracie Long Longevity Series: Staying Power
An interval style that delivers a balanced total body challenge, this workout is designed to improve overall cardiovascular performance.    

Tracie Long Longevity Series: Step Forward
This step cardio workout targets the legs with a varying range of motion and tempos that will get you closer to your best legs ever.   

About Tracie Long
Tracie Long (Mathewes), founder of “Tracie Long Fitness” has spent more than 25 years in the fitness industry. At 44 years old, Long shows no signs of slowing down. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Exercise Science from the University of South Carolina, Long is a certified fitness trainer. She became famous working for The Firm, one of the most successful fitness franchises in history. Today, Tracie and her husband, John own and manage Tracie Long Fitness, a Charleston, South Carolina fitness studio.

Tracie Long "Longevity" Series DVD's  35 +  (back cover)

My Thoughts

I just received all three copies of  the Tracie Long "Longevity" Series DVDs though Foundry Communications. And, I am so psyched!

* Defining Shape(50 minutes)
* Staying Power(50 minutes)
* Step Forward(50 minutes)

The Tracie Long "Longevity" Series was especially created for women ages thirty-five and up.  At the age of 48, I can happily say that I am a mom and grandmother.  I have five beautiful daughter and six grandchildren. And, I belong in the "UP" category! lol I can not wait to go strapless, firm my abs, tighten my bum and say goodbye to flabbiness. But more important I want to live a life that is healthier and fitter. Thanks to Tracie Long, I will get there with the regimes she has lined up in each of these 50 minute DVDs. Each of the programs from this series uses minimal equipment.

Tracie Long Longevity Series: Defining Shape

Tracie Long "Longevity" Series: Defining Shape - You may want to invest in some equipment:  a medicine ball, light hand weights/dumbbells, and a workout mat. She doesn't mention it but you will need a good pair of workout shoes like cross-trainers. I ordered a pair of cross-trainers for working out that should arrive soon. Also, I picked up a new 8 lb. medicine ball and a few other medicine balls at a local department store.

If you have not worked out regularly, you may want to get your doctors permission first. I made it through the first 50 minutes and it was a good one. I did ache, broke a sweat and my heart-rate was elevated. It was wonderful. I did not work out the next day. I plan to incorporate the workouts a few times a week. That is because I try to workout with my husband in our home gym with weights on the weekends. She has bonus workouts at the end of each program. I am excited to try those soon. If you are at the stage in your life where you want to live a more fit and healthier lifestyle then I recommend trying Tracie Long "Longevity" Series DVDs. No pain, no gain! And, you are worth it!

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