Guess How Much I Love You: Friendship Adventures DVD

Guess How Much I Love You: Friendship Adventures  SRP:$12.98

hop on board for all-new adventures with little nutbrown hare in this dove-approved dvd for the whole family!

guess how much i love you: 
friendship adventures

Street Date: February 18, 2013
SRP: $12.98


From the importance of friendship to embracing differences in one another, young home viewers will learn valuable life lessons -- and have fun doing it - in the whimsical, all-new DVD from Entertainment One, GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU: FRIENDSHIP ADVENTURES. 

Across seven charming, colorfully-animated episodes inspired by Sam McBratney's best-selling book and produced by Australia's SLR Productions, join Little Nutbrown hare, his father and all his forest friends - fun-loving Field Mouse, mischievous Little Grey Squirrel, tricky Little Redwood Fox and Little White Owl -- as they explore the grassy fields, mossy forests, lazy rivers and sunny green valleys all around them.  Episodes, which can also be seen on Disney Junior, include "Favorite Thing", "Fly Away Home", "Follow Me", "I Promise", "All Fall Down", "New Friend" and "Leaf Shade".


Type: DVD
Catalog #:  EOE-DV-7640
Running Time: 96 mins.
Rating: NR
Genre:  Animation/Kids
Aspect Ratio: 16 x 9 (1.78:1)
Audio:  2.0 Dolby Digital
Language: English with SDH Subtitles

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My Thoughts

Guess How Much I Love You springs from best-selling books by Sam McBratney. They are beautifully illustrated by Anita Jeram. The main characters are Little Nutbrown Hare, his father - Big Nutbrown Hare and many of their woodland friends. The series teaches valuable life lessons that deal with friendship, sharing, tolerance, promise keeping, taking responsibility, forgiveness and more.

And the NEW Guess How Much I Love You ~ The Adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare:  Friendship Adventures DVD features seven charming episodes: (Shown on Disney Junior)

  • Favorite Thing
  • Fly Away Home
  • Follow Me
  • I Promise
  • All Fall Down
  • New Friend
  • Leaf Shade

Of the seven episodes featured we like "Favorite Thing", "Leaf Shade" and "All Fall Down". "Favorite Thing" shares the importance of taking care of things that we borrow from our friends.  "Leaf Shade" focuses on the important lesson of sharing. And, "All Fall Down" teaches that's it is okay to be different. (tolerance)

I love how each episode ends with the "Guess How Much I Love You" question between Big Nutbrown Hare and his son, Little Nutbrown Hare.

All of the episodes offer wonderful lessons that are highly important for healthy growth in childhood. Guess How Much I Love You is my top pick for this years children's programming.

Contest Winners Pending: Erin, Tiffani & Collin

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