February is Heart Disease Awareness Month, Why Not Keep Your Child's Lunch Heart Healthy with PlanetBox?

February is Heart Disease Awareness Month, Why Not Keep Your Child’s Lunch Heart Healthy with PlanetBox? 

February is Heart Disease Awareness Month.  The Mayo Clinic's top two recommendations for a heart healthy diet are:

                  -Control your portion size

                  -Eat more fruits and veggies

And that's exactly what packing your lunch in a PlanetBox® will help you do!
Now how do we control portion size?

The easiest way to reduce portion size is to pack your lunch in a Planet Box® lunch box.  The small, segmented containers in their bento box design are the best way to pack delicious, portion-sized meals on the go, all while being health and environmentally conscious.

How do we encourage your child to eat more fruits and veggies?

Adding lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet will help your child have a healthy heart .They keep you feeling full for longer than processed food so you won't even feel the need to eat loads.They are also low calorie and contain fiber. Planet Box® lunchboxes encourage diverse additions of fruits and vegetables to your meals with plenty of segmented containers to add everything from snap peas to raspberries.

Fun Fact: Apples are a great heart healthy snack, because they contain flavonoids. Flavonoids promote heart health by reducing platelet adhesion in arteries, lowering cholesterol, and relaxing and dilating arteries
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About Planet Box:

Packing a healthy lunch that your child will actually eat is a sore subject for many parents.  How do you pack a lunch that is nutritionally sound, diverse, and appealing to your little one? How do you protect your children from the harmful effects of plastic but keep food from “touching”? We introduce you to the Planet Box®.

Fortunately, PlanetBox® has streamlined this daunting morning task of packing your child’s lunch. Lunch can be packed into a functional, eco-friendly line of lunch boxes that are appealing, simple to pack, easy to wash and safe from the harmful effects of plastic.

The bento-box style of PlanetBox lunchboxes was inspired by co-founders Robert Miros, an engineer and industrial designer, and his wife Caroline, a children’s health educator.  They craved something that was one piece, but had separate compartments to keep foods neat and fresh.  It needed to be easy to open and close—especially for little fingers—as well as easy to clean.  They wanted it to be durable enough to last for years to come, but still modern and stylish to stay fresh and current.

This spring, start a new trend with a lunch box that keeps food fresh and your children excited to sit down for their mid-day meal.

Camille Schmidt
BigPicture PR
San Francisco - New York

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs did not receive compensation for this posting. All Planet Box® content was provided by Camille Schmidt of BigPicture PR.
Thank you.
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