Drawing With Mark: Reach for the Stars! and A Day with the Dinosaurs DVD

Learn to Draw With Mark!

Drawing with Mark! DVD SRV: $14.98

Drawing with Mark: Reach for the Stars! and A Day with the Dinosaurs DVD Series

Let's join along with Mark Marderosian as we spend a day at the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts.  Mr. Marderosian begins the first episode teaching us about the planets, stars and outer space! You can learn to draw a friendly astronaut and the planets. The bonus segment teaches how to draw a space ship. The second episode takes us back to the Museum of Science where we learn some dinosaur facts and then we head back to the attic to draw a Pterodactyl and Tyrannosaur Rex dinosaur.

Each of the two Drawing with Mark episodes are about thirty minutes long. They gear the programs for ages 5 and up but it's great fun for the entire family. Each episode ends with a reading list guide. One of the coolest things is you can stop each lesson so your youngster can catch up if they miss something. With each special field trip your child learns new facts about the topic of each program.

Also, check out the free YouTube video of Drawing With Mark: Learn to Draw Saturn.

Samples of Drawing with Mark by Summer & Mom
I enjoyed drawing right along with my daughter, Summer. The Drawing with Mark DVD's are a great way to spend more time with her. They are educational and a great idea for home study mini-programs!

Bonus: Draw Along Booklet - Mark's Practice Guide

Bonus: Draw Along Booklet - Practice drawing Twinkle Mouse!

There are extra drawing lessons online at Drawing With Mark to download for free!

Look for Drawing with Mark DVD's at your local Michael's!

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