American Heroes #4 CD by Jonathan Sprout

American Heroes #4 by Jonathan Sprout CD  SRV $12.97

 Grammy® Nominee Jonathan Sprout’s Latest AMERICAN HEROES #4
The Award-Winning (15 So Far) Series Continues

Just arrived... Tuesday, February 11th, 2014!

(Southampton, PA )  Look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a bird! It’s a plane!  It’s … Samantha Smith.  Who?  Not all heroes are Superman. Most are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Many are known the world over but many live down the street quietly doing something great.
But all have accomplished things that deserve to be celebrated, praised – and set to music.  This is where Jonathan Sprout shines.  

Jonathan Sprout

 American Heroes #4 is Jonathan’s fourth musical commemoration of the words and deeds of some of the best among us. If you think history can’t be fun, take a look and listen to the ten heroes children will meet:  26th President of the United States?  That’s Teddy Roosevelt and he’s here.  Have you heard of green eggs and ham?  You have if you are Sam I Am – or Dr. Seuss.  Wild hair and E=mc²?  Albert Einstein – you’re a genius.  America’s first great Latin baseball superstar and humanitarian?  Roberto Clemente, of course.  Seen any magical movies that tickle your child and the child in you?  Thank Walt Disney.  Do you live in Pennsylvania – or know where it is?  That would be William Penn’s doing.  The first black woman to serve as a presidential advisor?  Not Condoleeza Rice – Mary McLeod Bethune.  When girls don the green scouting uniform and sash do they think of Juliette Gordon Low?  They should.  Who can we thank when we breathe pure air and drink clean water?  We can start with Rachel Carson.  Which brings us to Samantha Smith.  A ten year old girl who wrote to, and later visited, the leader of the Soviet Union in pursuit of peace.  Now that’s powerful.

American Heroes #4 has a big, bold sound – pop, rock, Latin and gospel rhythms; strong, vibrant lead vocals; full, expressive background vocals. The remarkable choices of instrumentation and production make a statement: this CD is a party about HEROES!  It is so chock full of whimsy, humor and funny touches woven throughout (such as the gimcracks, gewgaws and vaudeville sounds of “Dr. Seuss”) that you discover something new every time you listen.  Jonathan does a staggering amount of research for each song making history not only come alive for children, he makes it sing!

American Heroes #3 was nominated for a Grammy® Award.  The first three CD's in the series have won a total of 15 awards including Parents’ Choice, NAPPA, Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence, Dove, iParenting Media, Creative Child, Dr. Toy, Mom’s Choice and Family Choice.  This is Jonathan’s tenth recording.

Jonathan has performed more than 5,000 concerts and songwriting workshops for children.  His recordings and concerts have earned critical acclaim as groundbreaking entries in the field of educational children’s music.

My Thoughts

Track List: 

1. Unstoppable (Juliette Gordon Low)
2. Come with Me! (William Penn)
3. E=mc2 (Albert Einstein)
4. Hall of Fame (Roberto Clemente)
5. Man in the Arena (Theodore Roosevelt)
6. Through the Eyes of a Child (Walt Disney)
7. Powerful (Samantha Smith)
8. Dr. Seuss (Theodore Seuss Geisel)
9. Interconnected(Rachel Carson)
10. Heads, Hearts, and Hands (Mary McLeod Bethune)
11. I See a Hero

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You can purchase his music from Amazon, CDBaby.com, Kidzmusic.com and Songs for Teaching

My Thoughts

It's fun to sing songs with Jonathan Sprout! His newest release is called American Heroes #4. He sings songs about heroes like Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Theodore Roosevelt, Juliette Gordon Low, Albert Einstein, Rachel Carson and many others. American Heroes #4 will have your kids dancing and singing.

One of my favorite songs is Unstoppable about one of my heroes, Juliette Gordon Low.  She is the creator of Girls Scouts of USA. When I was a young girl I was in the Girls Scouts as a Brownie.  I also grew up in Georgia, the same state that she is from. 

I am sure you will pick your favorite heroes from American Heroes #4. If your child is unfamiliar with some of the heroes it offers as a great learning opportunity. I think it could be time to visit the local library! American Heroes #4 is a great addition to our home-school library. 
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