New Orijen Cat Treats from Chewy.com

New Orijen Cat Treats 

100% PURE. 100% NATURAL. 100% MEAT.

Orijen Nourish As Nature Intended

New Orijen Cat Treats by Champion Pet Foods at Chewy.com 2014

Loving Heart Designs would like to thank Andrew Bosch of Chewy.com for allowing us to review a sample of their New Orijen Cat Treats in the Original flavor.

Our cat Ollie's interest was definitely peaked once he laid his eyes on the sample packet of freeze-dried New Orijen Cat Treats. My daughter introduced the treats to Ollie during a grooming procedure for nail trimming. The treats were great for keeping his mind off of each of the clippings. He had been a bit stubborn recently with his trims. Anyways, he truly enjoyed each treat.

The New Orijen Cat Treats are a product created by Champion Pet Foods. Champion  prides themselves on producing biologically appropriate dog and cat foods made with natural meats, fruits and vegetables that they get from local farms and ranches. The product states that it's goodness comes from fresh cage-free chicken and turkey, plus fresh wild-captured flounder from North Vancouver's cold Pacific waters. In this particular sample packet the ingredients are chicken liver, turkey liver, boneless chicken, boneless turkey and boneless flounder. You can purchase any of the five flavors from Chewy.com.

The New Orijen Cat Treats come in five flavors: Original, Tundra, Regional Red, Alberta Lamb and Wild Boar. Each 35G/1.25 oz package contains at least 100 treats and retails for $5.49 to $6.49 at Chewy.com.

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Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a free sample of the New Orijen Cat Treats Original for this review.
Thank you.
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