In Stillness: Lullabies and Meditations for All Ages by Heidi Siegell

In Stillness: Lullabies and Meditations for All Ages by Heidi Siegell

Musical Imagery Guides Children on a Journey to Peaceful Slumber IN STILLNESSLullabies and Meditations for All Ages 

(New York, NY – December 2013)  Bedtime can be daunting when you have a child who struggles with sleep.  Heidi Siegell experienced this first hand, and it inspired her to create In Stillness: Lullabies and Meditations for All Ages, an album that turns bedtime into a magical event that parents and children alike can look forward to.  The album arrives January 14, 2014.

Blending the calm of lullabies with creative guided imagery, Heidi fashions a world filled with vivid word pictures for children to visit each evening.  Like musical picture books, the songs are filled with stories of the ocean, the wind, the stars, the seasons, deeply soothing the listener while conveying a reverence and respect for life, for the earth, for family.

Featuring a mix of jazz, blues, new age and folk, In Stillness takes us on a progressive journey to relaxation.  To transition from the activities of the day, “Drip Drop Ripple” floats us out to sea on a jazzy wave.  The cozy folk of “Almost Home” underscores a feeling of safety and well-being. Marimba-tinged reflections on the day transport us to a tropical island in “Baby Blue.”  The mesmerizing rhythm of “Deep in the Depths” brings us further into the waves of the ocean and the interconnectedness of life.
Sweet dreams are all children will have while listening to the ballad “Dream.”  And those are just a few of the beautiful songs to explore before the meditative “In Stillness” closes out the evening.

When her young daughter struggled with sleep, Heidi found the most effective remedy to be the songs she created for her each night.  In Stillness draws on Heidi’s background in peace-building, meditation and compassionate communication, and these themes weave through the album. "My hope with these sleepy-time songs,” says Heidi, “is that they plant the seeds of consciousness, the path to self-soothing; that they help us to settle into our breath and listen inward, knowing that we are safe and loved."

Heidi has the ideal voice for lullabies – warm and comforting as a hug – and the album’s exquisite instrumentation is the perfect accompaniment for her lush vocals.  Soon children will connect to the piano, harp, violin, cello, french horn, guitar, marimba and flute with the familiarity of old friends.  Heidi and her husband/producer, Rolando Gori, invited masterful
musicians from all corners of the music industry to take part in the project, including Natalie Merchant's longtime guitarist Erik Della Penna, the award-winning contemporary classical composer and marimbist Rob Paterson, rock n’ roll violinist Adam DeGraff and more.  The accompanying lyric booklet is filled with whimsical illustrations that complement each song.

In Stillness is the debut album of Tiny World, a collection of music and media that nurtures consciousness, empathy and self-respect.  Find out more about the album, stop and take a breath with the In Stillness video, download coloring pages and discover sleep and meditation tips at TinyWorld.org/InStillness.

You may listen to sample songs at CDBaby.com, download or purchase your very own copy of
In Stillness: Lullabies and Meditations for All Ages by Heidi Siegell SRV $15 CD or $9.99 Download @ CDBaby.com; also available in MP3, MP320, and FLAC files.

My Thoughts

Heidi Siegell does exceptionally well with her NEWEST CD In Stillness: Lullabies and Meditations for All Ages. Heidi's soothing voice is both calming and relaxing which makes it great for meditation.  It is great for snuggling with your little one while being gently rocked or  lounging together on the couch while holding their favorite stuffed toy and swaddled up in a nice warm blanket. If you are driving home after daycare insert  In Stillness into your CD player to help calm your restless child for the drive home.

Remember to purchase or listen to sample songs of  In Stillness: Lullabies and Meditations for All Ages at CDBaby.com
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Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs is sharing this product because she felt it was a family friendly entertainment for all ages. This content was provided by To Market Kids - Regina Kelland.
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