Holiday Gift Guide: 18-Piece Pink Lady Tool Set

 Holiday Gift Guide: Women

18 Piece Pink Lady Tool Set @ Lowe's Item #: 462584 |  Model #: 55634

18-Piece Pink Lady Tool Set SRV  $39.98 SALE $24.99 SAVE 37%

18-Piece Pink Lady Tool Set

Over the weekend my sweet husband and I visited the local Lowe's like we so often do nearly each weekend. This time we went out to get pipes to repair our leaking bathroom pipes. We immediately came across tool bags on sale for women in pink and lavender. I had mentioned that I wanted my own tool bag in pink a few months ago. He told me to grab it. It should have been a Christmas gift but he could not help but spoil me earlier. 

It comes in lavender too!


What is inside the tool bag you ask? There is 6" slip joint pliers; 6" long nose pliers; 6" adjustable wrench; 5-piece precision screwdriver; 9“ magnetic torpedo level; 16 oz. claw hammer; 6-in-1 screwdriver; utility knife; 16' tape measure.  I added a few of my own tools to the bag as well. 

I recommend this tool bag for anybody that has a daughter in college or that's going away to college. It will make a great gift for any women at anytime of the year! Which color would you pick? Pink or Lavender?

Purchase it online at Lowe's today! 

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  1. What a fantastic gift idea! I would get myself the one in lavender.


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