The Wayfinding Bible NLT from Tyndale House Publishers

The Wayfinding Bible: Helping You Navigate God's Word. 
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-4143-6192-5
List Price: $34.99
Release Date: October 2013
Page Count:1520
Trim Size: 6 x 9

The Wayfinding Bible: Helping You Navigate God's Word. 
The Wayfinding Bible NLT is an excellent study guide for believers who want to get into the thick of the Bible quickly. The unique feature to this study guide is its “Wayfinding” system. You start off with three options, Flyover, Direct and Scenic. Each route offers three different study types depending on what the reader is looking for.

The Flyover Route compasses 54 readings and allows the reader to get a chronological view of the events of the Bible. I checked this one out myself. It starts from Adam and Eve, moves on to Noah, then Abraham, Jesus, and beyond to his resurrection and his return mentioned in Revelations. It jumps from reading one or two chapters to skipping over into another book entirely following a timeline of events.

The Direct Route has 215 readings which can be finished in less than a year. This route gives you a deeper perspective of how the Bible stories mesh together.

Lastly is the Scenic Route. In 386 readings the reader is guided deeper and deeper into the richness of the Bible. It touches on popular stories to the unheard of ones.

Each route is given a color and a runway strip that sits on the top of the page. The runway has dot points that show the reader which chapters and verses must be read. At the end of the line is an arrow with a page number attached to it telling the reader which page to flip to after finishing their “travel.” There are also little icons for the routes that sit next to the verses signaling to the reader where their route starts and ends.

 Along the journey, the reader will be directed to read a passage and two paragraphs called the Observation Point and the Exploration Point. These three feature some interesting ideas and paraphrases the stories on the route.

Other features to the Wayfinding Bible include: Book Introductions, a Bearings Map, Historical Markers, Scenic Overlooks, Side Trips, and Thru-Hiking, a fun feature that sets up an entire reading of the whole Bible with daily directions of what should be read starting from Genesis all the way to Revelations.

The Wayfinding system is an interesting one. It is effective and informative leaving one feeling satisfied after each read. There are a lot of things that were mentioned that I hadn’t thought of before until it was pointed out by the prompts.

While I was reading, I felt like I was carefully dissecting the Bible into tiny little details that all added up to a bigger picture. The feel of the study guide gives a sense of traveling thanks to the route system and with the goals set before me it made me want to continue till I reached the end of it.

Wonderful and completely comprehensive, the Wayfinding Bible is a great addition to any believers’ library. I enjoyed this study guide’s exploratory aspect and recommend it for those who want a nice Bible with a “get it fast” approach to reaching those stories that you need to read up on. 

You can find The Wayfinding Bible at Tyndale House Publishers, Walmart, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and other stores online.  Paperback SRV $29.99 and less.

Reviewed by Fawn of Loving Heart Designs
Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a free paperback copy of The Wayfinding Bible: Helping You Navigate God's Word NLT through Tyndale House Publishers. This review is 100% the thoughts and publication of Fawn Carter of LHD.
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