Personalize with Nice, Inc Cablekeeps

Cablekeeps "Goldie" SRV $16

Organization has never been more colorful and creative with Cablekeeps by Nice, Inc. CableKeeps "Goldie" for Apple iPhone/iPod Charger secures your USB docking to 5W and 10W adaptors for secured docking. What a great idea to keep your cords from tangling when you travel too.

  Speical: Choose ANY 5 Cablekeeps for $60!
Cablekeeps "Goldie" are available in six colors: orange, red, light blue, green, dark blue and purple. It is Eco-friendly. 100% Recyclable. Made in USA. Why not add some personality to your life with Cablekeeps? What is your favorite color?

Nice, Inc. "Goldie" SRV $16

Visit Nice, Inc. to view their other products: Nibbles and Gulp plus the NEW Spike, and Ink Cablekeeps.

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Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs was provided a free sample Cablekeeps "Goldie" by Nice, Inc through Chicexecs.com(press@chicexecs.com)
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