NEW Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers by Trout Fishing in America

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers
Available from retailers everywhere on September 3, 2013

"The words "Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers" may not dance easily on the lips, but the music on this CD delights as it runs through the ears. It's a rhythmically diverse return to the edgy lyricism that makes Trout Fishing in America the best at what they do...creating kids' music for the whole family." 

 ~ Kathy O'Connell, WXPN's Kids Corner  (celebrating 25 years on the air!)

"Welcome to Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers! It should be a whole lot easier listening to the album than it is to sing along with our title cut!"
~Keith and Ezra

SRV $14.98
Listen and Learn More by Clicking Here
The four-time Grammy-nominated, nationally touring act Trout Fishing in America, is back with their wittiest collection of original story-songs yet. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers features tongue twisters, mind-benders, spooky situations and instantly identifiable slices of a kid’s life. From the creepy feeling of stepping in a gooey substance that is definitely “not mud,” to witnessing the disturbing sight of your sister kissing her boyfriend, to exploring a “Zoo Wacky Zoo” where tigers do the tango,  the wildly imaginative songs and situations unfold with every track.

Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet have been writing and playing music together since 1976, when they met up in Texas in a folk rock band. Performing Songwriter magazine selected Trout as one of the top 100 most influential independent artists in the past 15 years, and they regularly win awards and critical acclaim. Their unique style appeals to audiences across the generations, making theirs truly “family music.” Even the songs written for children will amaze grown-up ears with universal themes and sophisticated musicianship. As the New York Times notes, “They embody a kind of goofball gestalt at odds with the sugary sweet format of so much other music for the younger crowd.”

Trout delivers unexpected musical gems at every turn. The band plans to greet their legions of fans nationwide this fall as they tour to celebrate the new release. The concert schedule details are available at www.troutmusic.com.

My Thoughts

It is so much fun to listen and sing along with the NEW CD Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers by Trout Fishing in America. When you visit the website you can download song lyrics, coloring sheets, and much more. There are free teacher guides for home educators and teachers. And, don't forget to check the concerts coming soon!

Connect Socially at Facebook, Youtube and online at Trout Fishing in America.
Loving Heart Designs received a free copy of Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers to review through Sugar Mountain PR.

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Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs often reviews products that have been provided for free.
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This July, Hop Aboard the MAGIC SCHOOL BUS for Adventure and Excitement with Two All-New DVDs!


The Magic School Bus Revving Up 3 DVDS SRV: $24.95




STREET DATE: July 30, 2013
SRP: REVVING UP ($24.95)/IN A PICKLE ($12.95)


Take a fun and education-filled road trip this summer with Ms. Frizzle and her incredible bus, as everyone's favorite teacher makes learning exciting with two ALL-NEW DVD releases: THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: REVVING UP and THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: IN A PICKLE!

Explore everything from the smallest cell to the largest galaxy in twelve never-before-available episodes of the Emmy Award®-winning TV series in THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: REVVING UP. Each of the three discs in the set - "Under Construction," "Getting Energized" and "Cracks a Yolk" - contains three new episodes running the gamut from computers and electricity to city critters and desert adaptation. And each DVD also contains a special bonus episode adding up to more than four-and-a-half hours of Frizz-tastic fun!

Ever wonder what's behind a peculiar smell? Viewers who hop aboard the bus for IN A PICKLE are sure to find out across four never-before-released episodes including the title episode about microbes, along with "Meets Molly Cule," "Makes a Stink" about smell and "Meets the Rot Squad" which covers decomposition.

Grab a seat and hang on in these all-new releases from the best-selling DVD franchise of the longest-running science series for kids to ever air on television.


Originally conceived by author Joanna Cole and illustrator Bruce Degen, "The Magic School Bus" has been capturing children's imaginations since the first book rolled onto shelves in 1986. Since then, the acclaimed series has sold over 58 million books and spawned a cottage industry featuring the animated TV series which premiered on September 10, 1994. Adapting the books into the series was an opportunity to help kids learn about science in a fun way - and boy, has it ever! The longest-running science series to air on television, the star-studded program features the voices of Lily Tomlin, Wynonna Judd, Dolly Parton, Tony Randall and Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Along with the adventurous and energetic Ms. Valerie Frizzle and her pet lizard, Liz, the entire class - along with the audience - was invited to explore volcanoes, the inside of the human body and much, much more!

  • English and Spanish Language Options 
Type:  DVD
Catalog #: REVVING UP (NNVG292591)/IN A PICKLE (NNVG292600)
Running Time: REVVING UP (4 hrs., 30 mins. + extras)/IN A PICKLE (69 mins. + extras)
Genre: Kids'/Animation
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

For more information on this title or any other Scholastic Storybook Treasures release, visit www.newkideo.com. Also, visit New Kideo, the online home for the DVD line, at their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NewKideo.

The Magic School Bus In A Pickle SRV: $12.95

My Thoughts

The Magic School Bus: In A Pickle shares three stories:  In A Pickle, Meets Molly Cule, and Makes A Stink. "Meets Molly Cule" was a fun story featuring the voice of famous American country singer, Wynona Judd. Wynonna is the voice of Molly Cule, Wanda's favorite singer.  Ms. Frizzle and the gang learn about molecules while washing the super stars car. Wynonna even sings a few songs. This was a cool way to introduce the molecule in a fun story format that makes science interesting to kids.

In A Pickle and Makes A Stink are two more stories you won't want to miss out on. And, be sure to check out the bonus episode: The Magic School Bus Meets the Rot Squad after watching "Makes A Stink".

Oh, before I forget I wanted to point out for those of you that own a Leap Frog  Explorer or Nintendo DS you can find the NEW The Magic School Bus: Oceans for sale at Scholastic.com. Also, the NEW The Magic School Bus: Oceans iPad App and other products featuring The Magic School Bus.

In conclusion, visit The Magic School site at Scholastic.com for more fun and games. Explore. Have fun!

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs often reviews products that have been provided for free.
Thank you.
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Flattenme Personalized Gifts

Owl Always Love You SRV $24.95 Paperback $35.95 Keepsake Hardcover

Owl Always Love You 

What a great way to say "I love you" to the special little person in your life with the featured talented combo made up of New York Times best selling author Robyn Spizman of Atlanta, GA along with talented artist Erica Leighton of Maine in the beautifully illustrated tale called "Owl Always Love You".  What makes this magical story even the more special is that you can personalize it with your loved one's name. What a treat!

My daughter got wide-eyed once I began reading "Owl Always Love You".  She put on a great big smile once she heard her name included. She loves the story and illustrations too. What a great keepsake!

Begin creating your personalized book by taking a peak inside the cover. Then, watch the informative video. The video teaches how flattenme works!

More Gift Giving Ideas:

Don't let busy lives and hectic schedules keep you from giving someone a special personalized gift. Flattenme makes gift giving fun with a variety of products like  personalized cards(nearly 3 dozen scenes), t-shirts, wall art(ready-to-hang), water bottles and writing journals.

What a fun way to celebrate with one-of-a-kind personalized and customized gifts from flattenme.com!

Stay connected:
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/flattenme/owl-always-love-you-personalized-book/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/flattenme
Twitter: https://twitter.com/flattenme
Blog: http://blog.flattenme.com/

I received a free copy of "Owl Always Love You" by Robyn Spizman through flattenme.com.

Contest Time: You could win your very own personalized Keepsake Hardcover copy of "Owl Always Love You"by Robyn Spizman courtesy of flattenme.com.($34.95)

Important note: The Customer/Winner will order through the website and will be responsible for the $3.99 flat rate shipping in US (around $9.10 for Canada).

  • Enter to Win:  Share the contest by any social media.(Facebook, Twitter, Blog it!, etc...) Please provide the link in your main comment.
This contest ends August 15th, 2013. The winner will be notified by email and must reply a.s.a.p. (48 hrs)

Thank you,
Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs was provided a free copy of "Owl Always Love You" by from flattenme.com. This review is my own opinion. Thank you.
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Zazzle Birthday Savings

Happy Birthday to ZAZZLE!

Zazzle's Birthday Treat: 15% OFF ALL ORDERS & Spend $50+ to Enter to Win a $500 Gift Bag!   Enter BDAYBAGTREAT   

Check out our stores while visiting Zazzle! :)

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs often reviews products that have been provided for free.
Thank you.
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