Roger Day's Marsh Mud Madness

Any May Day Is Mud Day!
Roger Day's
Marsh Mud Madness
New Music DVD Introduces Kids to Coastal Ecology through Songs and Video
Available on May 21st

Marsh Mud Madness Roger Day SRV $15

Watch Roger and kids singing "I Love To Study Mud," HERE.

Nashville—Roger Day, one of the nation’s top touring family music artists, will release a new music and educational DVD, Marsh Mud Madness, on May 21 (Bigkids.com, CDBaby.com and Rogerday.com, $15).

Produced by the Savannah Music Festival and Roger Day, with support from the Georgia Sea Grant and the Courtney Knight Gaines Foundation, the video features engaging information about the plants and animals that make up the Atlantic coastal ecosystem, interspersed with Day performing 12 original songs about goopy mud, fascinating coastal animals and the waters and plants of the marsh itself, in front of a live audience of thousands of kids.
In fact, over the past two years, more than 30,000 children in several states have learned about the Atlantic marshland ecology via Roger’s Marsh Mud Madness songs.

Three years in the making, this video began in 2009 when Roger spent five days exploring Sapelo Island, a barrier island south of Savanna, GA. There, he learned about the fragile ecosystem from scientists at the University Georgia Marine Institute. Georgia Sea Grant sponsored the visit, and they commissioned Day to compose a program of songs about the Georgia coast for elementary school audience. While watching turtles nest and trekking through the maritime forest, Day wrote a song cycle about the importance of habitat and watershed health, the abundance of creatures that depend on the state’s water resources and how individuals can help protect the coastal eco-system.
He first performed the songs at the Savannah Music Festival in 2011, visiting schools in the area and working with educator Jennifer Cole to develop a curriculum, available now for free. The full-length educational music video grew out of both the natural and performance experiences.

“You’ve heard about boots on the ground? Well, this was boots in the mud! I lived every word of these songs.” quips Day, who has trouble extricating himself from the marshy muck in at least one scene.

In addition to his extensive school and music festival performances in Savannah in 2011, Day performed songs from Marsh Mud Madness at the LA Times Festival of Books and in Charlotte at several school events last month.  This fall, Day will also release a new album featuring the songs from Marsh Mud Madness.  “My hope is that through these songs, kids will learn to love the Atlantic coast and its creatures,” Day says. ”Once people love something, they’ll take care of it.”

Roger Day is a Nashville based musician who regularly tours all around the country, from festivals and schools to major performing arts centers. The former camp counselor, Eagle Scout and father of three has won numerous awards and acclaim. His most recent CD release is Why Does Gray Matter? – his second Parents’ Choice® Gold Award winner – with songs about the brain. Day’s music has been compared to Schoolhouse Rock, and this new video features his trademark, hooky pop sound and genial, kid-friendly personality. For more information and his latest tour details, visit www.rogerday.com.
Roger Day's Upcoming Performances
Details on Roger Day's Tour page.
June 4 ~ Gardendale Civic Center, Gardendale, AL
June 6 ~ North Shelby Library, Birmingham, AL
June 7 ~ Leipers Fork Library, Franklin, TN
July 15-19 ~ Greenville County Libraries, NC
July 30 ~ Brentwood Library, Brentwood, TN
August 9 ~ Main Street Children's Museum, Rock Hill, SC

My Thoughts

I just got Roger Day's Marsh Mud Madness CD in the mail and wanted to get the information posted for all the blog readers. If you live in one of the upcoming area's listed on the concert list maybe you can take your child and a few friends. Marsh Mud Madness is greatly entertaining, educational and tons of fun!

Also, check out the Roger Day's Marsh Mud Madness Study Guides for Pre-K to Fourth Grades on the University of Georgia website or Roger Day's site.

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a free copy of Roger Day's Marsh Mud Madness through Sugar Mountain PR/Beth Blenz-Clucas.
Thank you.
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