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Mother India DVD
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Mother India: Life Through The Eyes of The Orphan 

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Mother India
Meet the Children

  Enter Andhra Pradesh, India where producers, David Trotter and Shawn Scheinoha, film a family of twenty-five abandoned and orphaned children who live along a Southern Indian railway in Tenali. Their mission: make a documentary to raise awareness to viewers worldwide about the impoverished lifestyle of these injured and starving children living on the streets. Their hopes: to gain aid in this particular area, where thirty-one million orphaned and homeless children struggle just to survive.
    The film is powerful, fixing itself on the stories told by these 25 individuals; the stories about their hardships and their terrible pasts of abandonment and child abuse. As the film progresses, we learn how these youths, from ages anywhere within 3 to 25, struggle day-to-day to make a small amount of money just to feed themselves. They beg on the streets or in the trains for rupees. Some try to garner up currency, by selling odd, assorted items like stickers, key chains, and tobacco. They barely get by; all they can make is enough to eat, and even so, just a little.

   A lot of them sleep outdoors, exposed to the raw, sultry environment with pesky mosquitoes nipping at them night and day. They are dirty, starving---drinking muddy unfiltered water, wearing the only clothes they own, raped by other homeless youths or sold into slavery, trafficking--all the nightmares that anyone could think imaginable is opened to them. They are refused work, because of employers fearing they would steal from them. Then there are the unfortunate who cannot work due to missing body parts. They are disabled and only able to walk with a crutch or a barely usable artificial limb. Some of the kids die on the street, from sickness or the injuries they get from hopping trains. Fifty percent of them are HIV/AID positive and have no clue how they even got it. 

   Other than these details above, the documentary also shows how David and Shawn found a way to help two young children, a three year old and a seven year old, get into a children’s home called Harvest India. 

   Harvest India is an organization that supports, educates, and helps orphans get adopted in their country. It is marvelous what they do! Check out their site here http://www.harvestindia.org/ for more information about Harvest India, and gain information about how to donate to this wonderful charity.
 The production team of Mother India would love it if churches and organizations would have a public screening of the documentary. On their site here http://motherindiafilm.com/, they mention that either one of the three producers would love to speak at any convention if asked. 

 The message throughout Mother India is deeply thought-evoking and really hits you in the heart.  I was saddened to hear the stories of these young people. It is utterly unbelievable how things like this go on every moment of the day throughout the world, all of these stories unheard of or untold. I am happy to be able to watch this documentary and share it with others. Let our prayers be with these children in their dark days and towards the organizations founded to protect them. Amen.
         - Guest Writer, Fawn Carter.

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