Charlie: A Toy Story

 Charlie: A Toy Story
 Charlie: A Toy Story SRP: $14.98
 Coming April 2, 2013

Dove Foundation "Family Approved

Charlie: A Toy Story

What's better than Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies and Butterfingers Candy from Walmart? Why, it's the adorable child star Raymond Ochoa staring in the upcoming movie Charlie: A Toy Story.

If Timmy and Lassie can have wonderful adventures together so can ten-year old Caden and his best friend Charlie the Golden Retriever. In this modern day adventure, we are taken to the Wonder Toy Shop where Caden's father has created  a magical toy. A couple of bullies that harass Caden on a regular basis decide to steal the plans for the most awesome one-of-a-kind toy. Find out why the bullies want the plans and how Caden and Charlie, with the help of other forces, help put a stop to their mischief.

I applaud EOne for providing us with clean and enjoyable family entertainment. Raymond Ochoa did a super job.

Watch Charlie: A Toy Story Trailer on Youtube (This preview does not do the movie justice. It is a wonderful family movie.)

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a free copy of Charlie: A Toy Story to review from EOne. .
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