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U.S. Cellular Hello Better.
Say Hello to Better with US Cellular

 If you are satisfied with your current cell company, then more power to you. I have had several mishaps with two of my past cell phones and dealing with the issues is not a day at the ball park. I am a bit ashamed to admit but recently, I dropped one of my cell phones in the toilet. I did all the wrong things to try to remedy my error. I did not have fun trying to change my cell number to a new phone. I am not exagerating when I tell you it took hours. I even was hung up on accidentally I am sure. Then there was more... I tried to get my minutes transferred to the new cell. Frustration!!! I was over charged and till this day I have not been accurately compensated. I will not reveal the cell provider. Ugh! 

Why not do research and find a company that offers more? I have seen U.S. Celluar. Ad's all over the internet. They have many good selling points such as a rewards program. They have a NEW Unlimited Plan program running right now, family plan, single plan, and much more.

In spite of this overall dissatisfaction, respondents are hesitant to call it quits. More than one-third of respondents say they stick with their current provider because they believe all carriers are the same, it is too much trouble to switch carriers, or they don’t want to sign a new contract.

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