Chalk It Up OzoKidz Style: OzoKidz

 Chalk It Up OzoKidz Style   
Ozomatli Presents OzoKidz
New CD Available on Tuesday, September 25
Ozomatli Presents OzoKidz will be in stores on Tuesday, September 25th, and the band can't wait for everyone to hear it. Now, your kids may get into the act of creating art inspired by these new songs.
Folks who purchase the new OzoKidz CD at participating independent record stores will receive a FREE OzoKidz chalk box which contains a link to the bonus track, "Vamos a Cantar."
Kids (and parents ) everywhere are invited to enter the
OzoKidz Chalk Art Contest!
Entry Details:
 All you have to do is recreate the Ozokidz album cover art on your driveway or sidewalk. OR for the bonus prize, create a visual representation of the bonus track "Vamos A Cantar," using the Ozokidz chalk. Send us photos of your artwork and we'll pick the best ones. Winners will receive an OzoKidz prize pack!
Send photos to ozofans@gmail.com
When sending photos, entrants must include the Ozokidz chalk box in the photo. For a list of record stores participating in the chalk box giveaway, please visit: http://www.recordstoreday.com 
Please call your local store ahead to confirm they have the items.
For more information and updates, visit www.ozomatli.com/ozokids.

Bonus song download code and Interview requests: Beth@sugarmountainpr.com

Disclaimer: This content was provided by Sugar Mountain PR.
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