Read & Sing with Hap Palmer

Read & Sing with Hap Palmer SRP: $14.95

Read & Sing with Hap Palmer
Musical Picture Books for Young Children

For more than three generations, Hap Palmer, has been entertaining children through music. Read & Sing with Hap Palmer presents twelve favorites that bring together musical pictures and song lyrics to encourage and motivate youngsters from ages 4 to 9 to read and sing. 

Read & Sing with Hap Palmer on  DVD consists of the following:

  1. Sammy/I'm Glad I'm Me
  2. What A Miracle
  3. Down By the Bay
  4. The Mice Go Marching 
  5. What Do the Animals Say?
  6. The Clown Song
  7. Growing
  8. Backwards Land
  9. Teddy Bear Ball
  10. Witches' Brew
  11. One Little Sound
  12. We're On Our Way
My favorite songs are Down By the Bay and What Do the Animals Say?  Down By the Bay features a fun watermelon icon that bounces on each word during the chorus of the song. I wonder which songs would be your favorites?  I would like to encourage you to learn more about Hap Palmer and of his products that help children enjoy learning through the joy of music.

Social Media: Facebook Hap Palmer or visit his website at: www.happalmer.com

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs was provided Read & Sing with Hap Palmer DVD to review for free through Regina Kelland of To Market Kid. Thank you.

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