ELSKA - Middle of Nowhere DVD

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ELSKA - Middle of Nowhere CD

Elska is modern pioneer who discovers a secret volcanic island off of the coast of Iceland. There, she lives a high-tech yet simple life among an eclectic group of characters, including Winter Bear, The Goobler, The Nunni, The Shooshi and a vast colony of Lost Socks.

Elska's debut album, The Middle of Nowhere, will be out September 4th on Winter Bear Records.

ELSKA - Middle of Nowhere features twelve whimsical songs inspired by the Land of Fire and Ice:

  1.  I Just Had An Idea
  2. Winter Bear
  3. Don't Make Fun Of The Goobler
  4. Arctic Fox
  5. The Land Of Lost Socks
  6. Click Click
  7. Man-Made Hole
  8. In The Middle Of Nowhere
  9. Hiddi Hiddi
  10. Midnight Sun In The Arctic
  11. The Elska Express
  12. Frozen In Time

Coming Soon

Look for the soon to be released music videos featuring the fictional characters with scenes that were shots in Iceland. Elska will be taking her shows on the road in live entertainment for both children and families as well.

Social Media: Elska WebsiteElska BioElska on Facebook

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs was provided a free copy of ELSKA - Middle of Nowhere through Regina Kelland of To Market Kids.The information for this CD was taken from Elska's Facebook About Information.
Thank you.
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