Holiday Books Giveaways

 Holiday Book Giveaways

K. Dawn Byrd Blog:

A Christian Writer's World Giveaway(Lena Nelson Dooley)
*To Dance Once More by Sherri Wilson Johnson

 Healing Hearts Upcoming Giveaways

* Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland by Roseanna White (Dec 2011 - 1st week)
* Thyme for Love by Pamela S. Meyers (Dec 2011 - 2nd wk)
* Love Finds You in Folly Beach, South Carolina by Loree Lough (Dec 2011 - 3rd week) Summerside
* The Chair by James L. Rubart (Dec 2011 - 4th week)
The Attaché by David Bond (Jan 2012 - 1st week)
The Unlikely Wife by Debra Ullrick (Jan 2012 - 2nd week)
* Firethorn by Ronie Kendig (Jan 2012 - 3rd week)
* Cherry Blossom Capers - includes novellas by Cara Putman, Francis Devine, Lynette Sowell, and Gina Conroy. (Jan 2012 - 4th week)
The Good Fight by Shawna K. Williams  (Jan 2012 - 5th week)
* Love Finds You in New Orleans, Louisiana by Christa Allan (Feb 2012 - 1st week) Summerside Press
Tomorrow's Sun by Becky Melby (Feb 2012 - 2nd week)
* Love Finds You in Wildrose, North Dakota by Tracey Cross (Feb 2012 - 3rd week) Summerside Press
 * Sweethaven Summer by Courtney Walsh (Feb 2012 - 4th week) Summerside
Hearts that Survive -  A Novel of the Titanic by Yvonne Lehman (March 2012 - 1st wk)
Seattle Cinderella by Gail Sattler (March 2012 - 2nd week)
Saving Hope by Margaret Daley (March 2012 - 3rd week)
* An Amish Family Reunion by Mary Ellis (March 2012 - 4th week)
* The Embittered Ruby by Nicole O'Dell (April 2012 - 1st week)
* A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island  by Cara Putman (April 2012 - 2nd week)
The Mother Road by Jennifer AlLee (April 2012 - 3rd week)
* Mary's Blessing by Lena Nelson Dooley (April 2012 - 4th week)
* Baroness by Susan May Warren (April 2012 - 5th week) Summerside
* Cedar Creek Seasons -includes a novella by Cynthia Ruchti  (May 2012 - 1st week)
* The Marshall's Promise by Rhonda Gibson (May 2012 - 2nd week)
Mind Over Madi by Lynda Schab (May 2012 - 3rd week)
A Bride's Dilemma In Friendship, Tennessee by Diana Brandmeyer (May 2012 - 4th week)

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